10 Signs You Attend Berry College
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10 Signs You Attend Berry College

Berry College is ranked the most beautiful campus in the world, but it still has so much more to offer.

10 Signs You Attend Berry College
Allie Crain

Berry is weird and wonderful for more ways that the tour guides tell you on your first visit. The school is more than hikes up the mountain to the Reservoir and eating copious amounts of Chick-fil-a. Here are 10 things that show you that you are a true Berry Viking:

1. You have tried to catch a deer.

    Yes, we know we aren't supposed to touch the deer. No, that does not stop us from chasing them around in hopes of catching one. However, we usually end up with a broken dream and a crowd of upperclassmen laughing as if they haven't done the exact same thing.

    2. You feel second best to the Eagles.

    These Eagles are more popular than you could ever hope to be. You made an A on your test today? Nobody cares. The Eagles pick up a twig? People in New Zealand tune in to watch it. They are the Kardashians of Berry College and you are kind of bitter at the fact that they are more successful than you.

    3. You are used to smelling like “D-hall.”

    Don't even bother with body spray. This is an odor that cannot be concealed. It's the scent of Berry students who have already spent too many flex bucks and must now make the trek down the dangerously steep stairs to d-hall. It's the scent of students who probably just ate a calzone, not knowing what is inside of it.

    4. Sandals and socks are a staple.

    When it gets cold, instead of putting the Chacos away for the season, you just add socks. While sandals and socks may be a fashion faux pas to the outer world, inside the "Berry Bubble" this is a fashion statement worn regularly and shamelessly, especially on a Sunday night in the library.

    5. You have developed intense road rage while trying to find parking on campus.

    You basically morph into the hulk as you watch someone else get the only spot left in the lot. You resort to following people who look like they may be walking towards their car, and feel extremely stabbed in the back when you realize they were just looking for their bike. You have now circled the parking lot 18 times and your class is already over.

    6. You have found a way onto the rooftops of most buildings on campus.

    You have never felt as free and rebellious as you do standing on top of the Science Building looking out over your home and knowing that you go to the best college in the world.

    7. You know the dining hall workers by name.

    The d-hall workers feel like family because they probably worked here when your parents and siblings went here, and will probably be there until your grandkids graduate. There is nothing quite as comforting as the voice of Mrs. Virginia asking you "and what else?" as you make your way through the "comfort food line." Or the sweet smile from Mrs. Linda as she swipes your card at the door.

    8. You have never gone the speed limit on Stretch Road.

    The only time you slow down on the three-mile long road is before the massive speed bump, that will crack your axle if you aren't paying attention, and before you stop your car to perform the sacred Green Lady ghost summon. You always feel dumb for doing it, but you still have hope she'll show up.

    9. You go to the dances but feel awkward every time.

    The dances are themed, but you usually just show up in a flannel and a backwards hat. The DJ plays "The Wobble" and you get a little to into it. Then some old rap comes on to which you attempt to pop, lock and drop it beside the couple who thinks they are in an LA nightclub. This is followed by some slow motion freestyle to "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran during which you realize just how awkward you are.

    10. You delete most emails before reading them.

    Let's face it, you probably read about 2 percent of your emails. But when you receive a million emails per day, it would be almost impossible to read them all. Plus, you know most of them are from that club you signed up for freshman year when you were feeling ambitious at the Student Activities Fair, but never attended any meetings.

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