10 Signs You're Obsessed With HGTV's 'Fixer Upper'
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10 Signs You're Obsessed With HGTV's 'Fixer Upper'

Shiplap, neutrals and did I mention shiplap?

10 Signs You're Obsessed With HGTV's 'Fixer Upper'
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If I could meet any two people in the world, I would probably want to meet Chip and Joanna Gaines. Not only do they make the perfect fixer-upper duo, but they are so funny. I love to get home decor inspiration from Joanna, and Chip makes me laugh at least a few times every episode. If you spend your Tuesday nights glued to your TV screen watching "Fixer Upper," here are 10 signs that you're obsessed

1. You want a sliding farm door in every room of your house.

Who would have thought that a sliding farm door would look so great in a bedroom, or even in a kitchen? Joanna's design choices are so beautiful, and they have you wanting a farm door in every room of your house.

2. You follow them on every social media account.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You've got them all. If you don't have them, I have happily listed them here for you. You're welcome.

3. You've made plans to put shiplap in every room of your home.

Let's face it, shiplap is the heart of "Fixer Upper" and if you had it your way, you would put it in every corner of your home. Shiplap bedroom walls, shiplap picture frame, shiplap entryway, shiplap headboard, shiplap table, shiplap door (can you even shiplap all of these things?)

4. You have texted your significant other and asked them if you could move to Waco, Texas one day.

When you first became obsessed with the show, you immediately Googled how you could have your house fixed up by Chip and Joanna one day. When you realized they only do projects in Waco and surrounding counties, you mentally listed all of the possible ways that you could move there one day.

5. When they told you no, you threatened them with 'Fixer Upper' episodes on repeat.

Since you have already watched and re-watched every episode at least twice and plan to watch every one that is released, you would be more than happy to sit down with your person just to let them enjoy all of the episodes, too. After all, you would hate for them to have to miss out on all of the shiplap goodness, right?

6. You've tried designing everything in your house or apartment to look like something Jo would do.

Every time you watch a new episode, you're inspired to change everything. This probably annoys your roommates and your family, but you don't care because it's just your "hobby." You make endless designs and plans to redo your home. After making these plans, you realize that you actually have no idea what you are doing and currently have no money so you stick with daydreaming for now.

7. When you're out somewhere and you see something that looks like a 'Fixer Upper' original design, you talk all about it like you're an expert.

"This place is totally inspired by "Fixer Upper." Just look at that front door-- definitely Joanna's style" or "Um that is so Chip and Joanna."

8. You'll do anything to get your hands on some of the gorgeous pieces Joanna styles.

You see a really gorgeous light fixture on an episode so you do as much researching as you can to figure out where you can find that beauty. After a few hours, you come across one that will just have to do, but after checking the price, you quickly shut your laptop and go do your laundry.

9. Home decor stores have become your favorite stores.

You spend a lot of time looking at the home decor stuff in all of these stores. Every now and then, you find the perfect piece, and you feel just like Jo. You can't wait to get home so you can place your new "Fixer Upper" inspired piece in your home.

10. Neutrals are the way to go.

There's no doubt that Joanna loves to style "Fixer Upper" projects with neutrals. As you become more obsessed, you find yourself saying goodbye to color and hello to neutrals. You just love how and simplistic neutrals can make a house feel and you adore how Joanna styles grey walls with light colored accessories. You're always inspired by her neutrals approach.

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