10 Signs You Should Just Ask Your Crush Out Already
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10 Signs You Should Just Ask Your Crush Out Already

There's no excuses. The fact you're thinking of someone right now says it all.

10 Signs You Should Just Ask Your Crush Out Already

Let’s be honest: you definitely had someone pop into your head after you read the title. In fact, any time someone lists the ideal traits of a significant other (sweet, funny, kind, charming, etc.) you think of them. While crushes can be fun, they can also be a little terrifying if you aren’t sure if the feelings are mutual. Well, they’ve been on your mind for weeks, maybe even months, so it’s time to make your move. See if you can relate to any of the points below:

1. You think about them. All the time.

Well, it’s the basics of having a crush. Duh. Whether you’re sitting in math class daydreaming or watching them from across the lunch table, you have them on replay in your mind like movie reruns on HBO. But hopefully it’s not too distracting from any work you have, then it would start to become a problem. But little thoughts here and there definitely confirm you’re crushing.

2. You even dream about them.

Every once in awhile, you’ll wake up from a dream and go, “oh my gosh, so-and-so was totally in love with me in that dream.” You’ll get all happy and bubbly until you realize it was only a dream. If this happens to you, it’s definitely a good sign that not only are they on your mind, but the questions you have about asking them out or trying to figure out if they like you are going to be helpful to push you to the point of action.

3. You picture scenarios with them in your head.

This goes back to the daydreaming thing. Although it might sound creepy, it should honestly be more flattering than offensive. And granted, it’s all in your head, so no one really knows but you. But if you’re picturing a life with them: flirting, dates, maybe even a total future, then you’re definitely falling.

4. Sometimes you get butterflies just thinking about them.

GUILTY! Oh boy, this is the best feeling ever, though. Butterflies are the biggest indicator of developing feelings. It’s your hormones bubbling up and screaming, “go for it!” It’s the best reassurance that you are super into your crush. But after you get these feelings often, you need to realize that nothing will happen until you make a move.

5. Any time you see them, you forget everything you planned to say.

Well, that’s embarrassing… But it happens. You plan out the perfect conversation starters and before you know it, you see them when you least expect it and only manage to get out a “hey, how’s it going?” before you walk by to class as if you’re passing by an acquaintance. Maybe try to plan out another time for a chat? Say, maybe… dinner?

6. When someone says their name, you smile.

Or freak out a little bit. But in a good way. It’s like their name is a heavenly prayer and the Lord himself has blessed you with its grace. Or something like that.

7. They have attributes that you normally aren’t attracted to (but they totally pull it off.)

This is one of the best because it means they’re an exception and although you aren’t usually a fan, you're starting to like it. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of facial hair (a lot of people are either or on this) but I’m pleasantly surprised when I’m into a guy who rocks more than a little stubble. Definitely embrace this one. Compliment them if you ever get the chance because not only will they be happy, but you’ll be happy you made them smile.

8. You subtweet/subsnap about them all the time.

Definitely guilty of this one, too. It’s the biggest hint without actually saying so. You check who’s watched your story for them or look out for any hidden context tweets. This isn’t the best habit to take up; most likely you’ll just confuse (and possibly annoy) everyone if you constantly post those kinds of things. It’s better to just send them something directly and strike up a conversation.

9. You constantly want to hang out with them, but you never say anything.

Whether you’re too shy, too scared, or you just can’t seem to get the words out, you never successfully ask. It could be that you don’t know them that well and want to know them better or you just want to get away from all of your friends – it just never works out. Well, the best advice I’ve ever gotten is to take 20 seconds of insane courage and just go for it. You’ll be proud to do it either way. And if they say no, then know it’s still super flattering to your crush that you had feelings for them!

10. Most of all, you see them for the great person they are.

Sigh. They’re just so dreamy and cute and sweet and you just want to be with them so badly! Everything you think about them is a positive thought and your smiles just say it all when you talk about them. Be careful to not see them as flawless as it will ruin expectations. Hannah Montana doesn’t lie when she says nobody’s perfect. But the upbeat thoughts are a great way of knowing that you chose a good crush. If you see that much good in them and you’re all for it, then take that leap already!

You’re still thinking of them. You’re trying to find a way that this doesn’t necessarily have to apply to you and that you can just avoid the idea of asking them out or admitting your feelings. Maybe you’re even thinking, “yeah, I can do that!” But what are the chances you’ll chicken out and say nothing? Honestly, just do it. You can even blame me if things go wrong. You’ll never know otherwise because if they aren’t making a move by now, then either they’re not interested (it’s not as bad as you think, I promise you’ll be okay in the end) or they’re just as nervous as you. So get some questions answered and do this for you. Good luck!

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