10 Signs That You're In An "Almost" Relationship

An "almost" relationship: when your heart is taken, and when there are all the signs that that special person likes you back, but you are not "in a relationship." Maybe there's distance involved, maybe there's a complicated past, or maybe one (or both) of you just aren't ready for the labels. Sound familiar? You're not alone. Here are the top 10 signs of being involved in an "almost" relationship:

1) You don't know how to refer to your...significant other?

Conversation about them usually goes something like "Oh so like my boyfriend...Well he's not technically my boyfriend but..."

2) The lack of commitment leads to constant confusion.


3) You get jealous more easily than you usually would.

Your current anthem is probably entitled "Jealous," whether it's by Queen Bey, a former Disney star and JoBro, or another artist.

4) You don't understand why you care so much.


5) You are literally always questioning "Is this even worth it?"

"Like, if we're never going to date, this is totally pointless! But I really like them!"

6) Interacting with their family leaves you feeling sufficiently awkward.

You don't know how much they even know.

7) You've stopped using apps such as Tinder or Hot or Not.

...or only use the apps to try to not think of them when you're going through #5.

8) Whether you want more or not, if the other person feels differently, they are either oblivious to your hints or flat out ignore them.

It can be a struggle.

9) Explaining your relationship to others requires a full out "story time."

There's way too much to explain.

10) Despite the struggle, the possibilities of the future keep you dreaming.

You two could wind up being pretty adorable together.

(Shoutout to all of the wonderful people who helped me compile this list, I couldn't have done it without you!)

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