10 Ultimate Winter Date Ideas
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10 Ultimate Winter Date Ideas

These date ideas will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

10 Ultimate Winter Date Ideas

I’m not one for the snow or winter, but since I live in one of the snowiest places in America, it’s something I’ve had to get used to, so enjoy these cute date ideas to make the cold weather a little more fun!

1. Ice Skating

Although this is a very stereotypical winter date idea, it doesn’t make it any less fun! If you or your honey need practice on the blades, nothing is more romantic than falling on top of each other and then helping one another up. There are plenty of beautifully decorated outdoor ice skating rinks, but a lot of indoor skating rinks have specific days with nice deals. That way, it’s at least somewhat heated.

2. Hockey/Basketball Games

I’m personally a HUGE hockey fan. Nothing makes me more excited than seeing two grown men fight and swear at each other while on the ice, plus poutine is sold at a lot of hockey games. However, I’m aware that a lot of places don’t have NHL or minor league teams and hockey isn’t followed in a lot of states. But, the great thing about winter is that it’s basketball season and can be just as fun! Nothing beats nachos at a basketball game.

3. Christmas Tree Decorating Date

This is a really old-fashioned idea that my grandfather would suggest, but it’s creative nonetheless. In a generation where we’re obsessed with social media like Snapchat and Facebook and Twitter, we don’t spend enough time really soaking in the traditional pastimes of the Christmas season. So, put your phone down for an hour or so, and decorate your tree with your loved one. Nothing is more romantic than getting wrapped up in garland. And, on the plus side, you can Instagram a cute picture when you’re finished!

4. Christmas Movie Marathon

“Elf”. “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”. “A Year Without Santa Clause”. “It’s a Wonderful Life”. “Frosty the Snowman”. “A Christmas Story”.

These are all movies we’ve seen growing up at least once a year. Now that we’re older we can cuddle with our significant others on the couch and enjoy some cheesy Christmas movies that are only appropriate at this certain time a year! Luckily enough, Freeform has a great 25 Days of Christmas marathon. They even play “Love Actually” sometimes.

5. Snowboarding/Skiing

If you’re anything like me, you’re not coordinated and you fall on your face with any object that you need to balance on, but luckily, there’s soft snow that breaks the fall. If you’re willing to stand the embarrassment and you have the money, skiing or snowboarding can be a really adventurous date with your crush or boyfriend/girlfriend. Plus, how cute is it to snuggle up on a ski lift before plummeting to your doom?

6. Bookstore and Coffee Shop Date

Although a lot of people don’t like reading over winter break, some of us book worms enjoy curling up next to a fire and enjoying a good read. Barnes & Noble typically have a tiny Starbucks inside of their stores, but there’s plenty of other bookstores to choose from. Once you’re done skimming the aisles, reading the summaries, adding books to your last-minute Christmas list, grab a pastry and some hot chocolate or coffee and talk for hours!

7. Christmas Cookie Baking

Incredibly cheesy, I know, but baking is a huge deal in my household. There are movies that depict flour fights and feeding each other cookies in the kitchen, so why not live in a rom-com for a date? Plus, there’s always icing the cookies when you’re done to make masterpieces and show off your artistic abilities. After you’re done giving your family and friends cookies, there’s always donating them too!

8. Snowman Building

As long as you have the scarf, gloves, hat, and boots for this activity, this could be a really innocent and fun date. It shows great teamwork skills and it’s something most of us haven’t done in a decade or so.

9. Snowball Fight

This is a perfect date for long-term couples. There’s a lot of built up stress and frustration that can be worked out in a healthy way through a snowball fight. That’s how my brothers and I did it when we were younger! As long as there are boundaries and rules to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable, it can be a really great memory to create with many laughs.

10. Christmas Light Show

Most towns have festivals or areas that families can drive through that are decorated with lights, but there are plenty of families that go all out for the holiday season. As long as you have a full gas tank, this is a free date of driving around in neighborhoods to look at all of the lights and blow up decorations. It’s romantic and you can put on your favorite playlist and crank up the heat while holding hands.

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