10 Relationship Goals We All Dream Of

10 Relationship Goals We All Dream Of

The goals we want to achieve with our other half.

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Relationships. We love them and at the same time they can get on out last nerves...depending on what the situation is. Regardless we all eventually want that special someone in our lives. All over social media we see relationships we wish we were in. They're adorable, cute and overall what we call #RelationshipGoals. Even though those are relationship goals, are they your own goals. Every relationship has their own dynamic so they cannot be compared to another relationship. However, we all have goals when it comes to the perfect relationship we all strive for. No matter who you are, you have an idea of what you want your relationship goals to be. So here's a list of ten goals that we all would want in your perfect relationship:

1: We all want healthy competition in our relationship

2: We All Want Someone To Motivate Us to Be Our Best

3: Someone Who Will Make Sacrifices To Make The Other Happy

4: Someone To Travel The World With

5: Someone You Can Be Completely Comfortable Around

#6: Someone to have fun with

7: Knowing That They Care Deeply About You

8: Someone You Can Be Successful With

9: Someone You Can Take Amazing Photos With

10: Being With That Person Forever, No Matter What

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