10 Reasons Why I Would Vote For Hilary (Duff)
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10 Reasons Why I Would Vote For Hilary (Duff)


10 Reasons Why I Would Vote For Hilary (Duff)

As a young girl, I always felt wise beyond my years and was certain of a few things. I knew that the only place I would ever want to live was Disney World, that boybands were the greatest things since sliced bread and that Hilary Duff was the queen of the universe. I stand by every single one of these convictions to this day, especially the last one.

I could write a list of every reason why Hilary Duff has been my idol for over a decade that in length would rival "War and Peace," but that might be a bit much. She has defied the odds by becoming one of the most prominent celebrities in pop culture, taking time away from the spotlight to get married and become a mother and then effortlessly reclaiming her throne as the Queen of Pop and TV. There is no reason why she shouldn’t be able to add “Ruler of the Free World” to her already flaw-free résumé, and I will tell you why.

1. Let’s be honest, she can do pretty much anything.

Not many people can be the Queen of Pop, TV and Cinema, and tackle single motherhood. She knows what it means to juggle a career and a personal life, and is relatable to so many women.

2. She was the driving force that created an empire.

Her list of accomplishments is long, but she always celebrates and acknowledges where she came from. Where I would be without Lizzie McGuire is something that I cannot fathom.

3. She is well-rehearsed in international relations.

She successfully impersonated a famous pop star and conquered the Italian music scene in just two weeks. Yes, I’m talking about "The Lizzie McGuire Movie," but movies and TV count as real life in my world.

4. She is a true feminist icon.

Although men may try to take credit for the things she has done, she continues to hold her head up high and be the trailblazer that she is. "Lizzie McGuire" and movies like "Cadet Kelly," "A Cinderella Story" "Raise Your Voice"instilled girl power within me from a young age.

5. She is an advocate for gay rights.

And can also apparently throw shade like no other!

6. Her aspirations are totally relatable.

Who hasn’t said the exact same thing at some point in their life?

7. She doesn’t hold a grudge and can peacefully make amends.

After a nine-year feud with Lindsay Lohan over two-timing snake in the grass Aaron Carter, Hilary learned to forgive and move past the unfortunate incident.

8. Any song from her discography could replace the National Anthem.

"Metamorphosis" is the album of the century; don’t fight me on this.

9. She’s just like us!

She isn’t afraid to be one with the people, even if we are not worthy.

10. Hilary is an undeniable force that can push even mere children to challenge the law for her.

As my Odyssey bio states, in the fifth grade I faked sick in the nurse’s office so that I could go home and watch the emotional roller coaster of a film, "Raise Your Voice." As my mother and I drove away from school, I spotted a police car in the parking lot and was convinced that they were onto me.

Still, I took the risk and it was worth it. Our new editor-in-chief, Kate, had a similar experience in middle school and walked to her local police station to demand that her name be changed to Hilary. The devotion among the Rollins College Odyssey team is real.

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