10 Reasons Why Introverts Are Awesome

10 Reasons Why Introverts Are Awesome

Because silence has its perks.

Growing up as an introvert was difficult, it became very tiring trying to explain to people that I was not talking not because I was shy or afraid, but simply because I did not want to. I was never fearful or anxious of unknown surroundings, I just took time to analyze things. With time, my love-hate relationship with being introverted changed as I knew I had to discover more about myself and use my strength to its best advantage. And the discovery was that introverts are awesome.

Here are 10 reasons why.

1. They are great with intimate communication

Introverts are very deep people and enjoy deep interactions with a smaller crowd. If an introvert is interested in you, you will get to see the very core of their soul.

2. They are sensitive and thoughtful

If you know anyone who is an introvert, you will know that they think a lot before they speak. Introverts tend to analyze the situation in which they are talking and think of how other people might feel or respond to their remark. They are very empathetic and are sensitive to other people's emotions.

3. They will to listen to you

Introverts listen more than they speak, and in doing so, they not only hear you, but take in every bit of information you tell them. Introverts are also considerate of other people's vulnerabilities and would never put you in any situation they would not want to be in, which makes them great confidants.

4. They love deep conversations that last for hours

Introverts detest small talk. Instead, they prefer long conversations about values and the world which enable them to create deep connections.

5. They make genuine compliments

Introverts are less impulsive and tend to think things through before saying them, especially when it comes to giving out compliments. Their compliments go deeper than saying that they like your shoes — they make sincere compliments after careful consideration.

6. They are comfortable with being completely alone

In contrast to normal human behavior, introverts like being alone, and need solitude to recharge themselves. Be it spending a weekend in, or taking time off from family and friends, introverts use this time to relax and unwind.

7. They can't fake anything

Befriending an introvert will mean that you will always get real and unbiased opinions and responses. Introverts like being low key and real, they are not trying to sell themselves or be on someone's good books, hence everything that they do or sat is authentic and comes from their jurisdiction and is not diplomatic.

8. They have multiple layers to their personality

Introverts are very mysterious — they take time to open up to people and in doing that, they unearth facets of their personalities that are seldom known to people. Introverts use secrecy to hide their vulnerabilities, and like to keep it that way, keeping the air of mystery throughout.

9. They are extremely observant of their surroundings

This trait makes introverts great judges of character. Introverts do not tend to respond unless they are completely aware of their surroundings, be it in having a dinner conversation or talking to people in parties. They observe people, their behaviors and responses before taking the next step.

10. They are very creative and never get bored

Introverts find great pleasure in learning more and increasing the depth of their knowledge. They like being left alone to channel all their energy into whatever they are doing, and can go for hours with unflinching attention. Introverts spend time crafting their skills and trying to learn new ones.

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March For Our Lives

For the victims, the survivors and the ones that hope they never have to be either.

On February 14, 2018, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School suffered a fate that no school, or any place for that matter, deserves. A 19-year-old ex-student, Nikolas Cruz, went into the school, pulled the fire alarm and, as the students started piling out of the classrooms, he began the horrific event that will later on become the 9th worst mass shooting in United States history.

As March 24 approaches, I cannot stop thinking about the students who went through this, because, instead of letting these events define their lives, they are using their lives to define what happens next.

There is no way you haven’t heard about these kids; they have been all over social media, top TV channels and, if that is not enough, they completely burned Marco Rubio to the ground in the Town Hall held a week after the shooting

.Mark my words:David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, Delaney Tarr, Sarah Chadwick, Adam Alhanti, Cameron Kasky, Jaclyn Corin, Sofie Whitney, Alex Wind, Alfonso Calderon, John Barnittm Chris Grady, Kirsten McConnell, Charlie Mirsky, Diego Pfeiffer, Ryan Deitsch, Kevin Trejos and Daniel Duff will go down in history as those who began the movement that will incite change in the country.

They have not let their voices die; they will not let the 17 lives lost be another statistic and, frankly, I could not be prouder of them.

Being a student and going to school should not be synonymous to fearing for your life. It is completely unacceptable that little kids as young as 6 years old tell their parents that they need new shoes for school because their current ones light up and “that could attract the shooter.

”I have had enough of hearing that innocent lives are being lost because the government prefers their NRA donations to doing their jobs.If any government official is reading this, which I hope at least one does, your job is to work FOR the people, not around them, and for this reason is why March for Our Lives is so important.

Due to the amazing opportunity that has been studying abroad, I am saddened to say that I cannot stand with you in the States, fighting this injustice. Nevertheless, know I will be there in spirit and supporting all of you every step of the way in London. I bought my March for Our Lives t-shirt, it should arrive anytime soon and will wear it with much pride on the 24th.

You who reads me, if you support this cause, don’t be afraid to show it. Go out to the streets, stand by these strong people who are fighting for a change, support them and be them. There has been too much suffering and it is safe to say that it has been all deaths too many.

Rest in Peace

Alyssa, Alhadeff, Scott Beigel, Martin Duque, Nicholas Dworet, Aaron Feis, Jaime Guttenberg, Chris Hixon, Luke Hoyer, Cara Loughran, Gian Montalto, Joaquin Oliver, Alaina Petty,Meadow Pollack, Helena Ramsay, Alec Schachter, Carmen Schentrup, Peter Wang.

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