The Midwest is known to be a place of tumultuous weather. As the seasons begin to change, one minute it’s 90 degrees and sunny with 100 percent humidity, the next it’s pouring down rain, and then after that, the weather might be relatively pleasant before it returns to some awful extreme. However, the one type of weather I can trust the most is the cold. You can almost always know what to expect because once it starts to get cold, it pretty much stays cold. But people hate the cold, which is something I don’t think I could ever understand. So, below is a list of why the weather from the months of November (sorta) to March (kinda) is the best.

1. No swamp ass

What’s the appeal of it being so hot that your undercarriage starts to roast?

2. The flowers and trees aren’t blossoming.

Which means us allergy sufferers might get some reprieve.

3. Sweater weather

Wearing thrift store sweaters is the best part of every year.

4. Coffee actually warms you up without causing you to sweat.

I might still get the caffeine sweats but at least I’m not sweating more because of the heat.

5. Boots

While I despise the term Han Solo season, there’s nothing quite like busting out your boots when it gets cold.

6. Winter accessories

Picking out new scarves makes me feel oddly sophisticated, especially when they pair well with my beanie collection.

7. Layers

Why wear one shirt when you can wear seven? Plus a flannel.

8. Warm showers are more satisfying.

Showers are the best but when it's hot outside? No thanks. Warm showers when you're cold = ideal.

9. People move faster.

No one wants to necessarily be outdoors in the cold. Run to class.

10. Holidays

More breaks from school. The semester is ending. Better food. What’s not to love?