10 Reasons To Love SHINee
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10 Reasons To Love SHINee

Their determination to keep going, to keep making the world a little brighter with their music, is nothing short of inspiring.

Shinee Kpop band

I'm writing this on the birthday of one of my favorite k-pop idols: Lee Taemin of SHINee. So today I'm going to list 10 reasons why I love SHINee and you should too!

1. Their Debut Song Is Still A Bop

"Replay" is the first K-pop song I heard, when I was about 11 or 12. I didn't even realize I was listening to a foreign language; I just really liked how the song sounded. "Replay" just celebrated its 11th birthday, and it's still just as enjoyable as ever!

2. Their Newest Music Is Just As Good

SHINee has displayed a continuous effort in their music, despite the hardships they have encountered along the way.

3. Their "Hello Baby" Episodes Are Adorable

Try to watch just one episode of this series without falling in love with SHINee, I dare you.

4. All Members Have Successful Solo Careers

So many beautiful songs, so little time.

5. Onew Is So Hardworking

Onew admits to struggling with choreography, and overcomes that weakness with constant effort. No wonder he's the leader!

6. Jonghyun Is An Actual Angel

He looks like one, sounds like one, and actually is one. In both life and death, Jonghyun has been a powerful advocate for everyone suffering with mental health afflictions, and he is deeply missed.

7. Key Is Effortlessly Hilarious

Just one facial expression from Key can knock you you. Honestly, Key gifs are my new favorite way to express myself.

8. Minho Is Golden

He's insanely competitive in every setting, from "just for fun" games to serious sports. This drives him to work hard to be a gifted actor, and perhaps makes him seem even more attractive.

9. Taemin Is Beautiful

Taemin is beautiful on the inside and out. He's always breathtakingly handsome, and always exceptionally gentle and kind. He's also a master of duality, capable of being almost childishly adorable one moment and seductive the next.

10. SHINee Will Show You Strength

This group has endured a great deal of hardships-- hardships beyond those that most groups have to face. Their determination to keep going, to keep making the world a little brighter with their music, is nothing short of inspiring.

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