10 Reasons To Fall In Love With Dragonette
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10 Reasons To Fall In Love With Dragonette

Because Canada has a lot more to offer us than just poutine and J.Biebs

10 Reasons To Fall In Love With Dragonette

To quote my homegirl, Hilary Duff, "let's go back to the beginning..."

1. The Canadian-born trio's stellar house-pop collaboration with Martin Solveig, "Hello," put them on the map, and you, on the dance floor back in 2010. If you haven't gone and revisited this bumping, addictive track, do yourself a favor and do so NOW. Even though it's six years old, it will still have you grooving like an obviously over-intoxicated Beyonce:

2. And we can't mention "Hello" without also shedding light on the track's highly entertaining music video. Not to mention that the video showcases two of the greatest things: 80's athletic wear and a very young (and very HOT) Novak Djokovic 🔥😍🔥:

3. They're brilliant collaboration choices don't stop there. In 2014, they teamed up with Mike Mago to produce melancholy-pop gem "Outlines:"

4. And just last year they hooked up with Big Data to create "Get Some Freedom," which definitely belongs in an ad for the Chevy Silverado:

5. Their originals are also BOMB, y'all! "Let the Night Fall" in particular is a jam and a half. It has a slow-build and infectious drop worthy of a J.-Law-in-American-Hustle-rock-out-session:

6. Can we talk about their socials for a second? They're Instagram is hella hilarious- full of the corniest of corn-knee puns and the recurring, semi-hysterical (semi-disturbing) #asscrackoftheweek series:

Stone cold chillin' w @anderson_markus #downbytheriverside
A photo posted by Dragonette (@dragonetteband) on

Wednesday..... Awww Dan and me - matching butt cracks, back when leopard print and #LMFAO were a thing. #Asscrackoftheweek
A photo posted by Dragonette (@dragonetteband) on

7. And their Twitter is has some gems as well:

8. They're music only gets better and better, which means I'm constantly excited for what they're going to put out next. For example, this upbeat, funky collaboration with L.A.-based "Pretty Sister" that they just dropped a couple weeks back:

9. AND they don't f*** around when it comes to releasing new music. Only two weeks after the release of "Galactic Appeal" they unleashed this Robyn-esque fem-pop anthem into the world.

10. Finally, they've just announced that they will be releasing a full-length album, "Royal Blues," which means we will have at least ten new, synth-pop ditties to dance to. Current mood:

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