As a child, I used to take my mother's Polaroid camera and have all of the daycare children pose as I snapped endless photos. My love for photography only grew from there. I was a very quiet person throughout school and photography gave me a voice and a way to express myself. There are a million reasons why I love photography, but here are just a few...

1. One hundred pictures of the same place can all look different.

2. One picture can be interpreted in multiple ways.

3. A photo can tell a story without a single word; there's no language barrier.

4. Photography allows for complete self-expression.

5. Although it has its stressful times, photography can actually be very relaxing.

6. There is nothing more satisfying than getting the perfect shot.

7. Photography has the ability to evoke emotions in others.

8. It gives you a reason to travel to beautiful places and explore.

9. You are in complete control of capturing memories.

10. Photography has the ability to bring people together.