10 Musicals That Teach You A Deeper Meaning As You Sing Along

I'm a proud theatre kid, and I am not afraid to bust out in song. From "Hamilton" to "Aladdin," these musicals teach an important lesson.

1. "Hamilton"


"Hamilton" offers knowledge about important events in American history while also being wildly entertaining with the well thought out score and writing.

2. "Wicked"


"Wicked" strikes as a typical Good vs. Evil but I believe that most importantly, it teaches you to be yourself because there is nothing more important.

3. "Rent"


Above anything, love is the most important thing and should not be discriminated against. We were all made to love and respect each other despite physical differences and other characteristics.

4. "Hairspray"


While this musical is fun and makes you wanna dance, it also touches on the topic of racism during an incredibly crucial time and how we judge others. Everyone is equal and should be treated as such.

5. "Grease"


I absolutely love the soundtrack of this musical and it teaches that maybe we shouldn't worry so much about what people think about us. As long as we're happy then that's what matters.

6. "West Side Story"


Two feuding families are determined to tear two lovers apart but sometimes that will only encourage them more.

7. "Beauty And The Beast"


This musical teaches us that looks can be deceiving and that we should focus on someone’s heart and soul versus their outward appearance.

8. "The Greatest Showman"


While fame and fortune is rewarding, it isn’t everything. You can’t let yourself get caught up in it or else you’ll lose all of the people close to you.

9. "Aladdin" 


"Aladdin" teaches us to not let greed take over or there will be consequences. Many of the characters were greedy is various ways, with money and power mostly.

10. "Mamma Mia!"


It’s okay to be a single parent and more power to you! Most importantly, family comes before anything. They are the ones who will always be there for you no matter what.

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