10 Recent Movie Soundtracks That I Love

10 Recent Movie Soundtracks That I Love

You'll love the music that accompanies these 10 films.

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I’m a frequent movie-goer, and something that I always love about a movie is if it has a good soundtrack.

Although movies like "Purple Rain," "Dazed and Confused," or "The Breakfast Club" will always have soundtracks that I love, several movies I’ve seen recently have also had some surprisingly good music to go along with them.

Whether they contain sing-along original tracks or songs simply present in the background, these 10 recent films have amazing soundtracks that you should definitely look into.

1. "La La Land"

This movie is clearly known for its soundtrack and contains exceptional musical tracks (“Another Day of Sun” and “Someone in the Crowd”), as well as beautiful instrumental pieces (“Planetarium” and “Epilogue”). “City of Stars” even won an Oscar for the best original song!

2. "Begin Again"

This film about Kiera Knightly and Mark Ruffalo creating an album together in New York City is completely underrated. “Lost Stars” was nominated for an Oscar, and the rest of the album contains pop acoustic tracks by Knightly (who has a surprisingly beautiful voice) and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine.

3. "Love, Simon"

I saw this film in theaters a few weeks ago and was surprised by how much I loved the soundtrack! It accompanies the feel of the movie very well and contains songs by groups like Bleachers and the 1975.

4. "Guardians of the Galaxy"

I absolutely love "Guardians of the Galaxy" and think the soundtrack adds so much to the movie. Both the original movie and the sequel contain fun tracks from the '70s and inspired the music that plays on the new Guardians ride at Disneyland.

5. "The Great Gatsby"

The high energy rap and pop tracks featured on "The Great Gatsby" soundtrack perfectly capture the feel of the roaring '20s. Beyonce, Jay Z, Lana Del Rey, Sia, and others all contribute songs for the album.

6. "500 Days of Summer"

"500 Days of Summer" is one of my all-time favorite movies, and it contains a beautiful soundtrack full of alternative and pop tracks. “Sweet Disposition” by the Temper Trap is my personal favorite, and the Smiths, Hall and Oates, and other groups are also featured.

7. "The Greatest Showman"

This is the album you probably heard blasted on campus for the first few months of this semester. Zac Efron, Zendaya, Hugh Jackman, and others contribute to this soundtrack full of great sing-alongs. “A Million Dreams” and “The Other Side” are definitely my personal favorites.

8. "Paper Towns"

This John Green-based film starring Cara Delevigne and Nat Wolff has a surprisingly good soundtrack. Songs by Vampire Weekend, Vance Joy, Grouplove, and HAIM make a solid contribution to this coming-of-age film.

9. "Beauty and the Beast"

Although most would probably prefer to just listen to the original, I actually love the live-action reboot of "Beauty and the Beast" and the renditions of the songs. The beast has his own new solo song, and covers of “Belle,” “Be Our Guest” and “Gaston” were very well done.

10. "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"

This teen flick starring Emma Watson and Logan Lerman also contains a great soundtrack, with the Smiths, David Bowie, and others helping to create the perfect high school feel for the film.

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