10 Things I Have Learned In 18 Years
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10 Things I Have Learned In 18 Years

It all comes with time.

10 Things I Have Learned In 18 Years
Katie Tandy

Growing up, you live and you learn. You learn to deal with millions of different little trials in life. You learn to deal with challenging problems that come your way, bumps in the road. Those little trials and those big bumps have taught me many things throughout my 18 years in this world. Things from learning to tie my shoes to driving a car. Here are 10 things I have learned and want to share with you.

1. Don't let people bring you down.

When I was little I had coke bottle glasses that made my eyes look like saucers and wore a patch on my left eye everyday I came home from school. Everyone made fun of for years because of that. Even though it was something I couldn't change people still bullied me about it. I eventually dropped the patch and I'm still wearing glasses today, as are some who made fun of my in the past. I rock my glasses now with pride. Do NOT let someone bring you down for any reason. Rock your imperfections with pride!

2.High school doesn't last forever.

All throughout high school I hung out with the same group of people that I had been friend with since middle school. High school is fun sometimes. Sometimes pep rally's are awesome and so are the football games. Spirit Week was always the best. As a senior you wanna wear sweats everyday and not care. My advice, do care. Do your work the best of your ability, make friends with your teachers, and don't take one day of high school for granted or a day at lunch with your friends. It'll be gone in a blink of an eye.

3. Talk to your parents.

Sometimes you think Mom and Dad are out to get you. You don't wanna talk to them or you tell your friends how lame they are. Truth is, they are still your parents. Actually talk to your parents. Spend time with them and show them you care. A quick phone call or a quick text could change their whole day. Don't take for granted your time with them. Tell them you love them and help them out sometimes. They do so much for you and sometimes you need to give back to them.

4. Find something you love to do.

It took me years to find hobbies and find things I liked to do. One of them actually is writing. Having a hobby sets aside time for you to be yourself and take care of yourself. Whether is be playing video games or running in races, do what you love to do and do it well. Find something that sets you aside from everyone else. Something that makes you different because being different is the best thing to be.

5. Dare to be different.

Being yourself is the best thing you can be. If you are like everyone else, then we would have been created the exact same. You were born to be your own person and like your own things. I have never once let someone tell me what music I can listen to or what clothes I can wear. Don't let people's opinions of you or what you like get you down. Be your own kind of beautiful.

6. Go see your grandparents.

I have always had the opportunity to always live beside my grandparents. I go and see them almost every day. Go see your grandparents. They miss you whether you believe it are not. Grandparents are full of so much wisdom and advice. Go sit with them and ask them about their day or what they've been up to. Take them out to dinner or go do some errands for them. Take care of them like they have you. They are such blessings and won't be around forever, so make it count.

7. Pray.

Something I have recently learned is to pray. I have always said little prayers and not really learned the value of what I was really asking. So when you pray, mean it. Don't just pray asking for a new car or for that expensive item that you want. Spend time talking with God and what it really means to pray. Live up to what you have asked of Him. Don't just talk to God when you want something. Show him you love him and he will return the love back a million times more.

8. Be kind.

Always be kind. You can be kind in the smallest of ways just by holding the door open for someone or telling them to have a good day. Don't take for granted the opportunity to make someone else's day better. I have always been one to smile at someone and ask how their day was, and I get just as much satisfaction as they do when they reply. You never know what you can do for someone just be smiling or telling them they look pretty. Always remember to be kind to others.

9. Love yourself.

Whenever the world gets you down and you feel like there is nobody there for you, remember that you have yourself. Always take care of yourself. Don't worry about what others say about your skin color or the size of your jeans. Don't worry about that acne that just wont go away or the stretch marks you have. God made you different from everyone. Embrace your size and embrace the way you look. You only have one body so love it like you should.

10. Say "Thank you".

Always say thank you. Tell the lady at the store thank you when she bags your groceries.Tell your parents thank you for your new shirt or for cooking you dinner. Tell Jesus thank you for letting you wake up to see another day. Don't miss a moment to say thank you for something. Being thankful is one of the best things you can be. Be polite to your elders and thank the Veterans for serving your country. Don't forget to say thank you.

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