10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About ISFJs
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10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About ISFJs

We're actually really great!

10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About ISFJs

1. Introverted does not mean that we do not hang out with people.

Introverted means that we will become exhausted from being around people for too long. We like quiet time and we need that to recharge. This time may be spent with tea and a book or just loud music and a hot shower. Whatever it is, give us the time we need and we'll give you all the love we have.

2. If we don't seem friendly, it may mean we just don't know you yet.

People can often mistake our uncertainty as icy. We seriously aren't evil. We just don't know you. It's nothing against you, honestly, we probably are overthinking our every move in our head and worrying that YOU don't like US.

3. Our friends think we never shut up.

Once you know an ISFJ, all the walls are down. We will be loud and silly and crazy. Just like everyone else. We like to talk and we like to have conversations. We like the idea of being able to understand others and to have them understand us. It just takes time.

4. We are loyal to the death.

Hang in there, because once you've made friends with an ISFJ, we are fiercely loyal. You need backup? We got you. Need something to get done by a certain time? Call on us. We got you!

5. We are people pleasers.

We do not half-crap anything. We genuinely want to be liked and part of that is wondering if people are pleased with us. That being said, we take on too much. No is not a common word in our vocabulary, so remember that. Call on us, but know that we may have more going on than we'd openly admit.

6. We like organization.

A key part of the ISFJ mentality is the need to have it all together. That means our room needs to feel organized (to us). Moving our things around can be very upsetting, especially if you didn't ask us first. We need that organization to do all that we do.

7. We need to know what's going on pretty much all the time.

ISFJs do not like to be in the dark about anything. If we have plans, ISFJs like to know where all we plan on going and doing. If that plan varies while it's happening that's okay. But leaping in with no ground work can cause some real anxiety for us.

8. We are deeply sensitive.

Our feelings can get hurt pretty easily and by nothing. And honestly, we probably won't tell you when we are hurt. We are passive aggressive and pretend that nothing is wrong. Sorry, not sorry.

9. It is likely that we go from 0 to 100 quickly.

If anything messes up our plans or if we are stressed, it doesn't take much to make us boil. Lost keys, ruined things, failed homework. These are things we do not accept.


We may vary from everything you think you know about us.

As with every personality type, these are just standard predictions. Some days I might act like this, other days I may be completely different. Just remember, handle ISFJs with love and they'll be just fine!

P.S. Kate Middleton is one of us, soooo we're pretty cool.

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