10 Hard Apple Ciders for Fall

10 Hard Apple Ciders for Fall

Enjoy Responsibly!

You know what goes great with the fall season? Cider, obviously. And, if you're over 21, hard cider wouldn't go amiss either.

During the colonial era in American history, hard ciders were the most popular alcoholic beverage and it was only until German immigrants brought over beer and the techniques to make it that changed the general public's opinion. And later, Prohibition sealed cider's fate. However hard ciders are still very popular across the pond, in England, and if you're keen enough you might be able to find some winners in America as well.

Ciders are low-carb and gluten-free because instead of using wheat to make them, like beer, they use fruit.

Know that not all ciders are created equal. Those that are made with pear or raspberry are very sweet and almost like fruit juice. While ones that are made with apple are very crisp.

So if you're 21 or older, American or you've found yourself in America, and you're thirsting for something sweet or maybe just want to find something new. Here are some ciders to keep an eye out for.

Angry Orchard

This is one of the most popular ciders in America and is relatively easy to find. It's relatively fruity and is very crisp.


This one is very popular in England but is harder to find in America. They have a few cider's on the market. They tend to be on the sweeter side, so if you have a sweet tooth this might be for you.

Doc's Draft

This is made by a New York-based winery and distillery so I'm not sure how available it is to those not on the east coast. Doc's Draft Hard Apple Cider has won a gold medal in the Hudson Valley Wine Competition. It's not as carbonated or as sweet as some others on the market.

Harpoon Craft Cider

While the packaging on this cider is pretty nice looking it has some mixed reviews. One positive is that it isn't sweet at all. So if that's what you're looking for maybe give it a try.

Woodchuck Hard Cider

This one is brewed in Vermont and some say is a little sweeter than Angry Orchard. They have a Woodchuck Private Reserve Ginger Cider. Before you scroll past, the ginger works with the apple in a great and unique way.

Argus Cidery

Argus Cidery cider is brewed in Austin, Texas. They have some that have a "straightforward apple palate" that is dry and crisp and not too sweet. They also make a Ginger Perry. It's Argus's first unpasteurized fermentation with ginger, fruit, and citrus flavors

Fox Barrel

Fox Barrel cider is brewed in Colfax, California. They have a Fox Barel Pacific Pear Cider which lives up to its name, so if you like pears be sure to pick this one up

Square Mile Hard Cider

This cider is brewed in Portland but they import their apples from the northwest. This one is very carbonated and less sweet than some of the other ciders. It's got a hint of ginger as well.

Johnny Appleseed Hard Apple Cider

This is a sweet one. It's made by Anheuser-Busch, the same company that makes Budweiser. It's recommended to be enjoyed over ice. But I'm not kidding. This stuff is sweet.

Reverend Nat's, Revival Hard Apple

Most of Reverend Nat's ciders have won awards. It is brewed with beer yeast which helps build both aromas and flavors. So if you're traditionally a beer lover this one might be worth a shot. It's described as being semi-sweet and with lots of tropical flavors.

So the next time you want to try something new why not try one of these.

Please enjoy responsibly!

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5 Smart Kitchen Appliances - Must Need for Every Kitchen

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Kitchens in our homes are the only place to maintain our health. We can live by ordering food from outside but for how long? At some point, we crave for homemade food. So, the importance of a kitchen and some must need equipment in our kitchen is undeniable.

If start for listing kitchen appliances, the list won’t end anytime soon. Here, we’ll be talking about 5 must need kitchen cookware. So, wait no more, start reading our 5 Smart Kitchen Appliances - Must Need for Every Kitchen.

5 Smart Kitchen Appliances

These 5 items can vary person to person as the requirement for different homes is not the same. But here, we considered 5 most wanted kitchen appliances that almost all kitchen needs. 

1. Oven

There are many types of the oven out there. But convection ovens are the best. You can do almost anything with a convection oven. The main need for an oven is to warming up the food in an instance.

Besides that, almost any type of cooking is possible with fast and even cooking technology. The flavor and efficiency will be increased when you cook with your oven. Many want to maintain a healthy diet with veggies and oven will be the best companion to help you in this case.

2. Slow Cooker

When slow cookers first came on the market, quickly it became a must-have kitchen appliance for every home. It doesn’t cost much and has multiple cooking advantages. You can cook several types of meals other than rice. 

The biggest advantage is that it also keeps your food warm after the cooking is done. Slow cookers are very easy to set up. Just plug it, put in what you want to cook, and start cooking with just one switch. It’s easily portable and perfect for on-the-go cooking.

The smart cookers also give features like slow cookers with some extra advantages like fast cooking, temperature control, auto-safety, and many more. Choose either one according to your budget and requirement. The cookers are easy to clean and maintain. So, it won’t be a hassle at all.

3. Meat Grinder

Meat grinders are very useful to chop or mix your cooked or raw meat, fish, or vegetables. You’ll find frozen meat grinder which can easily grind your frozen meat without any delay. Many families have to prepare meat-based meal too often. So, almost every family can be benefitted with a grinder for not only grinding but also mixing.

4. Blender 

Blenders are another essential element to prepare any liquid recipe. You can do soups, smoothies, milkshakes, sauces, purees, and so much more. You’ll find two types of the blender. One is jug blender, and another is bullet blender. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Choose as per your need. 

5. Noodle and Pasta Maker

Who doesn’t love noodles or pasta? 

Everyone love either one or both. If you can make noodles and pasta at home, what else can be more enjoyable than that? You can even buy one for a birthday gift. 

You can prepare homemade noodles within 10 minutes, and everything is automatic with this maker. Readymade noodle and pasta don’t have too much variety of flavors. With this maker, you can customize the flavor as you like and have a wonderful evening with your loved ones.

Final words

Not many years before, one would have to consider many things as kitchen appliances took too many spaces. But they are not space-hungry monsters anymore. Not only these kitchen cookwares take less space but also makes our life way easier. So, check and ensure that your kitchen has appliances and worry no more.

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Beyond Ramen

Tips for Successful Dorm Room Cooking

College is a time of great stress and also a lot of fantastic experiences. Schools open the doorway to things like internships and volunteer opportunities, but they also make sure you always have something to work on. One way to deal with stress that they’ll advertise to students is for you to go by the cafeteria and grab a quick meal on your way to the library or favorite study spot. For some students, this works, but not for very long.

No matter how creative cafeterias get with the food they serve, it isn’t always right for everyone. People who have specialized diets like vegans and vegetarians may not have enough — or any — options to eat. Those with food allergies come across this problem as well. And for many, they just prefer food from elsewhere. It’s why pizza places and Chinese restaurants around schools offer discounts and delivery. However, eating takeout every night is also not a great way to live.

While you’re learning about many other things during your time at school, you’ll find that you need to learn about cooking as well. Dorms aren’t the best place to begin a culinary career, but even if you lack a stove, you can still find ways to cook for yourself. To figure out where to start, check out some tips so you can skip the Ramen and be a successful dorm room chef.

1. Never Forget About Your Roommates

When you live with roommates, you have to be especially careful about how your actions affect them. Things like keeping your room clean and not spending too much time in the bathroom will come up, and this same thoughtfulness applies to cooking.

If you think there’s a good chance you’ll burn a food, make something smelly or generally make a mess in your shared space, give them a heads up. They’ll appreciate knowing what’s going on, and they may even want to join in on the action!

2. Start With the Small Stuff

Your first instinct might be to start looking at food blogs online or pinning recipes on Pinterest, which are both great to do. Just remember that you should start with the small stuff. Instead of aiming to bake a family-sized lasagna, maybe look for simple pasta recipes instead.

The fewer ingredients and steps there are in a recipe, the more likely you’ll be able to cook it or find a way to add it to your dorm room supplies. Plus, you don’t want to make a big recipe and then get discouraged when it doesn’t work out.

3. Buy the Basics

Almost every meal will share a common ingredient, and those ingredients come together as the staples of every kitchen. You should learn what the staple foods are so you know what to go out and buy.

If you plan on cooking, think about spices and vegetable oil. If you want to bake, focus on things like flour and baking powder. These are things every cook should have in their pantry, and they’ll end up lasting a long time. Don’t sweat it if your initial grocery bill is higher than you thought it would be. These items are worth it!

4. Rethink the Basics

Okay, so you’ve bought your staple foods. Now what? It’s time to get creative. You can only make sandwiches for so long before you start to crave literally anything else. Rethink how you can use your foods by getting creative.

For instance, a can of tuna usually only costs about a dollar, and it can be made into many different meals. For five dollars, you could get five entirely different dinner options. Take a second to do an internet search on the ingredients you have on hand to see what you can make.

5. Talk With Your Campus Nutritionist

More and more colleges are now getting on board with the idea of offering students the ability to talk with a nutritionist while they’re enrolled. Check on your school’s website to see if a nutritionist is on staff, and then make yourself an appointment.

Not sure if that’s for you? Certain bodily functions, issues and goals you may have are signs that you should see a nutritionist. Even if you’re healthy and fine eating anything, a nutritionist will help you learn about what foods you should eat and how to cook them.

6. Branch Out When You Can

Eventually, you’re going to get tired of eating the same soups and sandwiches that you can easily put together. When you get there, know how to branch out. You can explore a whole new world of foods by investing in a rice cooker or microwave pasta bowl. These things don’t take up much space, but they present the opportunity to try all new foods. And if you haven’t already, renting or buying a mini fridge will give you more space to store food (and keep it all safe from your roommates!).

You may have been assigned to the tiniest room on campus, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck eating at the cafeteria every day. There are still plenty of ways to cook in a dorm room that don’t require a stovetop or dishwasher.

The best first step you can take is to talk with a nutritionist so that you get started by eating what’s right for you and not just what’s microwaveable. Reaching for the quick foods often means eating stuff that’s processed and unhealthy, which will lead you down the road of bad health habits.

Then, it’s time to get creative! Buy the basic foods and do some research to learn all the different ways you can combine them to make meals for yourself. Or experiment on your own and see what you can come up with! Foods like tuna and pasta can be stretched into multiple meals if you find the right recipes.

Don’t let your worries stop you from inventing delicious foods for yourself. You’ll be much happier not waiting in the cafeteria line every night, and you’ll have fun while you’re cooking!

Cover Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/amylovesyah/6198142735

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