If you're like me then you can relate to the mentality of wanting to have a productive summer. Right before summer hits, I always get nervous that I'm going to have nothing to do but sit and binge watch Netflix shows all day! As a result, I always write out my goals and the things I would love to get done one during these warm, relaxing months. From making sure I have a good daily workout, to coming back to school with a tan, I plan everything out. The sky is the limit for things you can achieve this summer! Here are a few of my own personal goals I'm working towards this summer.

1. Find a job 

One of my main goals for the summer was finding a job that would give me some extra spending money. The job hunt is hard and interviews can be scary! It's always important to stay positive and wait for the right job to come along. At the same time, you need to put yourself out there and be confident when being interviewed! Show off your skills and find something that really interests you!

2. Master a skincare routine 

During the summer my skin changes up. I sweat more, so I'm more oily. Therefore, I sometimes I have to switch my skin routine up. Finding a skin care routine that works in the summer is really important. Your skin can really change from winter to summer and it's also very important to protect your skin from the sun if you plan to be outside a lot! You can also dry out if you don't moisture well.

3. Drink lots of water 

This is such a cliché goal, but in the summer this is so important. Sometimes I find myself forgetting to drink the water my body needs. I set a personal goal to drink a gallon of water a day. I like to add fruits like lemon to my water to make it easier to drink. Make sure you stay hydrated this summer!

4. Find me time 

For me, summer is all about relaxing and taking a break from my busy life during the school year. Sometimes I don’t have time to do the stuff that I enjoy while I’m going to school. This summer I wanted to find time to do what I liked. I want to read more. It’s important to find an outlet whether that’s working out, reading a book, drawing, journaling, etc. Do what makes you happy and find time to focus on that more this summer!

5. Find time to workout 

If you’re traveling a lot this summer or working several hours find time to workout. I like to plan out a daily workout that I’m going to do that includes a variety of cardio and ab exercises. Find the right amount of exercise and intensity that will work best for your body and lifestyle. Then, make sure you stick with it!

6. Spend more time with my family 

While I am away at college, I rarely get to see my parents and siblings. This summer I really wanted to focus on my family and spending more time with them. Make sure to hang out with your parents or your siblings every once in a while. Build those relationships and continue to love the people who are there for you!

7. Enjoy simple summer pleasures 

My last goal is to enjoy what the season brings. Summer means warm weather, tanning, swimming, grilling out, and Fourth of July! I would like to go outside more and adventure around my hometown. I plan to appreciate this summer more because before I know it the cold weather will be back and I’ll be wishing it was warm again!