10 Fall Date Ideas for Nashville Natives
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10 Fall Date Ideas for Nashville Natives

Because what date is complete without zombie hunting?

10 Fall Date Ideas for Nashville Natives
Cassidy Graves

Pumpkin season is upon us, my friends! While there are many perks to autumn ("American Horror Story" stops teasing us incessantly, my thighs don’t sweat during my commute to campus and I can finally sport Halloween themed clothing), there is nothing quite as elusive as the fall date. Need some ideas for what to do with your spooky beloved this year? I’ve got you covered.

1. Go see "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Rocky Horror is more than just a movie; it is an experience. I will never forget the first time I sang along to the "Time Warp" with hundreds of other fishnet-clad people in a packed auditorium. Just a warning: If you’re a Rocky Horror “virgin,” you might be in for a few surprises during the show. Although they haven't announced it yet, you can usually catch RHPS at the Belcourt in Nashville. As another option, you can also see the stage show at the Roxy Regional Theater in Clarksville.

2. Catch dinner and a horror movie at the Full Moon CINEPLEX.

While the CINEPLEX has yet to officially open, I can’t help but love the idea of eating dinner while watching Ash use his chainsaw arm in "The Evil Dead." Full Moon Cineplex has a list of their upcoming screenings on their website, and you have the option to watch the flicks with or without dinner. Trust me: The line-up looks super promising.

3. Quit being a muggle at the Adventure Science Center’s Wizardly Way Late Play Date.

You’re telling me that I can play at the Adventure Science Center without having to navigate through screaming children? I’m sold. This event is combining Harry Potter and science into a 21+ event for grown-ups who aren’t quite grown up. Dibs on being first in line for the planetarium show that comes with the admission price!

4. Kick undead butt during zombie paintball.

People who fight zombies together stay together (you can quote me on that whenever the undead apocalypse happens). Why not gather up your best team and take on zombies together at Clarksville Zombie Hunters? You can stop fantasizing about being Rick Grimes and just become Rick Grimes at this place.

5. Brave a haunted house together.

Nothing says “I love you” quite like making your significant other run through a maze of monsters. As an avid haunted house lover myself, I’m especially stoked for Nashville Nightmare’s Fairy Tale Hell themed haunt this year. If you hate spending money (like me), make sure to check Groupon to see if any haunted houses have released special deals!

6. Go on a ghost tour.

Halloween is filled to the brim with fake ghosts and goblins, but what about the attractions that claim they’re boasting real spirits? Ghost tours also normally double as a history lesson, so you can get spooked and learn new things. Check out Nashville Ghost Tours to find the perfect fright for your date night.

7. Face the Bell Witch at the Bell Witch Cave

Ask anyone from Robertson County about the Bell Witch, and you will most likely be faced with a story about how they once had a cousin (who had a friend, who had a teacher, who had an ex-boyfriend) who was totally attacked by her one night. While it has yet to be proven if the Bell Witch still haunts the folks in Adams, Tennessee, you can always try to encounter her for yourself during a tour of the Bell Witch Cave. Who wouldn't want to be stuck in a cave with an angry poltergeist?

8. Go to a pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin patches are not just pumpkin patches anymore; they're generally filled with other awesome activities to make any Friday night rock. Only a short drive from Nashville, Honeysuckle Hill Farm boasts bunches of activities including a haunted house, corn maze and a zipline.

9. Take a trip to the Farmers' Market.

There are plenty of uber romantic things to do at the Nashville Farmers' Market: Bike around the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, eat fresh fruit from any of the vendors, or grab a bite from the diverse food court. My boo-friend (see what I did there?) and I have made this an autumn tradition, and we always kick it off by purchasing the largest honey crisp apples we can find. Bonus points if you surprise your significant other with a picnic!

10. Hit up local fall festivals.

There are two things you should know about me: I love fall, and I love festivals. Why not combine them both and stroll through the streets of Nashville OktoberFest, Fall Fest at the Hermitage or Pumpkinfest?

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