10 Essential Clothing Items You Need In Your Closet This Summer For Stylish Looks
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10 Essential Clothing Items You Need In Your Closet This Summer For Stylish Looks

Here's a guide to help you style the *most* stunning summer outfit! We're getting down to the essentials.

10 Essential Clothing Items You Need In Your Closet This Summer For Stylish Looks
Photo by Duy Hoang on Unsplash

With increasing temperatures, longer days and humid weather associated with summer, having appropriate clothing for the special season is, certainly, quite important! While there are millions of patterns and styles of clothes, these ten in particular can pair well with several different outfits to create cute and fashionable, yet also comfortable, summer outfits.

From accessories, such as sunglasses and necklaces, to warm weather apparel like skirts and tank tops — the styling options are endless. I would highly recommend purchasing one of EACH of these clothing pieces for the summer months.

Strapless Tube Top

Photo by Cristina Anne Costello on Unsplash

Strapless tops help prevent rubbing or sweating at the shoulders while also pairing well with a cute skirt, patterned pants or denim shorts! While some people may find them frustrating to wear, they allow for maximum air flow around your hair and cause less friction.

Patterned Or Bold Color Shorts

Photo by Wei Jie on Unsplash

These shorts allow for an eye popping display of color or pattern! These kinds of shorts pair well with a solid colored tank top and create a cute combination of vibrance.

Flowy Sundress

Photo by Manny Moreno on Unsplash

Many patterns, colors and textures can be on a single sundress! Pair stripes with a solid chunky belt or sandals. Solid colors complement textured shoes, and patterns work well with a solid tote bag to create cute, comfortable and stylish summer outfits.

Denim Skirt

Photo by Tam Nguyen on Unsplash

Denim skirts pair well with many different tops, both flowy and tight! Denim skirts look especially nice against pink, ruby or rose-colored tops, but you can mix and match as you please!

Round Sunglasses

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Round sunglasses work perfectly with nearly any outfit. Additionally, they can be used to block the sunlight or just appear cute on the top of your head — whichever pleases you!

Rings And Rings

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

Rings always add a little bit of spice to an outfit. These stylish pieces of jewelry can be matched with any outfit. Try mixing gold and silver rings for extra fun!

Layered Necklaces

Photo by Max Ducourneau on Unsplash

Stacking multiple necklaces at different heights on your neck can create a beautiful, eye drawing display. These pieces of jewelry can add extra flare to an outfit — depending upon how many you wear!

Thin Strap Tank Top

Photo by Meritt Thomas on Unsplash

Thin strap tank tops are quite similar to strapless tube tops in that they prevent sweating or rubbing on your shoulders. They pair well with nearly any bottoms, such as the patterned shorts mentioned previously!

Loose Patterned Skirts

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Flowy skirts paired with a nice tank top create a cute combination! They add texture and life to any outfit this summer.

Claw Clip

Photo by 小谢 on Unsplash

Claw clips pull hair away from the face in a stylish, yet comfortable, manner. Ultimately, these pieces prevent hair from sticking to your shoulders, while also providing a cuter way to hold back your hair.

Have fun styling up your attire this summer! I hope this guide gave you some outfit inspiration for the whole season.

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