10 Inexpensive Date Ideas
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10 Inexpensive Date Ideas

For the Broke College Kid

10 Inexpensive Date Ideas

Going on dates with my husband is something I look forward to - it helps us reconnect after a long week of school and gives us time to relax with each other. However, we aren't made of money. Going on dates gets expensive, so here are a few ideas for cheaper (but still fun) dates with your significant other.

1) Popcorn and Netflix

So my husband and I live in a small town with a little movie theater. While the movies are still pricey, the popcorn is not. A large popcorn is about $4! So if we want to see a movie and have the movie theater popcorn, but can't commit to movie theater prices, we literally just go get a large popcorn, bring it home, and watch a Netflix movie. Its the best of both worlds!

2) Stroll Through Downtown

If we want to get out of the house on a pretty sunny day, sometimes we make a date of walking around downtown. A simple stroll while holding hands can be relaxing and can help you reconnect (window shopping also gives you the opportunity to show him what you want for Christmas, hehe).

3) Arts & Crafts

Working alongside one another, whether on the same project or separate project, is always fun. We usually listen to music while we paint or draw together.

4) Library

If you're a book nerd like my husband and I, then exploring your local library is a great date. You can also bring some snacks and sit and read outside.

5) Community Events

Most communities have events that offer free admittance. Even if it is just a market held every weekend, it is something fun and free to experience with your significant other. You can also look out for free concerts, and living in a college town there is always something going on.

6) Volunteer Work

Volunteering is a great thing to do, and it is really fun doing something nice for others alongside your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend.

7) Museums

Local museums usually have low admittance rates. Exploring art that is central to where you live gives you more appreciation for your town, too.

8) Coffee Date

If you can spare a few dollars, getting coffee on a nice morning is a wonderful idea. You both can sit outside and enjoy the scenery while studying the Bible, or reading a book, or simply just talking to one another.

9) Take a Nature Walk

Depending on where you live, there may be a great nature trail nearby. We used to live on the coast and I loved walking the nature trail in Gulf Islands National Seashore. Exploring is fun!

10) Book/Comic Shop

Sharing what you love with the person you love brings you closer. My husband loves comics, and I love seeing him at the comic shop. He can tell me all about the history of Spiderman or Wolverine, and I have fallen in love with it all, too. When we go into a book store I can tell him all about the latest story I've read and all about the next one I want to read.

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