10 College Girl Home Items from Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale You'll Want
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10 College Girl Home Items from Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale You'll Want

10 College Girl Home Items from Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale You'll Want

If you're like me, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has made you a little weak in the knees and a little sad about the reality of me being a college girl on a budget! Never fear, though, I've made a list of the top 10 home items that are on sale now that I think are decently priced and should be in your shopping cart come the public sale on Thursday!

1. Waikiki Stainless Steel S'well Water Bottle

All college girls, well college people in general, need a good water bottle. I'm stuck between liking Camelbak's and S'well's over the other, but these are on sale. They come in so many colors and prints, you can match it with your finger nail polish, your backpack color or just a fun print that you love dearly! Different sizes are different prices, but they start at $25 for the sale, which sounds pretty darn good to me.

2. Levtex Two-Tone Metallic Straw Basket

Since being in college for two years, I've pretty much got down pat what I use and what I don't. I have a basket that I put random crap in from dirty clothes to packing oddly shaped things in when moving out, but nevertheless I USE IT! Your mom might nag you and say you won't, but show her this and she might believe you. This basket is on sale for right at $25, and it's $25 worth spending.

3. DKNY 'Clean' Bath Mat

Whether you're in a dorm room with that's suite style or you're about to move into your first apartment, bath mats are an absolute must. I'm in an apartment that I moved into in mid-August, and I actually have two bath mats - one at my sink and one outside of my shower - because I have hard floors (and flat feet). So, if you have the space, consider getting two, and they can be your statement decor in the bathroom. This one is close to $22 and is white, which is not my fave but it's super cute so why not?

4. Era Home Gold Starburst Mirror

Mirrors are essential for every girl's room for doing makeup, doing one last face check before a date or adding a little something to your walls to make it more homey. This mirror is super cute and is just over $30.

5. Mina Victory Morocco Rug

Just like bath mats, rugs can be a statement piece for your dorm room or first apartment. I have cement floors, so a cute rug that brings a little life into the room was essential for me. This moroccan-inspired rug is just under $37!

6. Zestt Forged Set of 4 Coasters

I thought my mom was crazy when she said I would want some coasters for my dorm room last year, but she was most definitely right in making me get some! I use them all the time, and I have them generously scattered throughout my room in spots that I normally set a drink down. Mine also have a little lip on them, so I use them for a makeshift jewelry tray - these don't have that, but nevertheless coasters are a must and these are just $25.

7. Slant Collections Stemless Wine Glasses

Your mom may not get these for you, especially if you're a first-year. But these are super cute and only $12, and let's be honest, you're going to have wine nights with your girl friends. So, like why not have wine glasses? You have to pour it into something...

8. Levtex Matmi Tassels Accent Pillow (or accent pillow in general...)

Decorative/accent pillows are a great way to add a little pizazz to your room, and tassels are really in right now, so this one seemed appropriate. Nordstrom has tons of them on-sale, and this one is only $28!

9. Jaippur Nikki Chu Ultra Pouf

Poufs! Oh my God, I am obsessed with poufs right now. They are so trendy and the newest replacement for foot stools or a makeshift spot for peeps to hang out on while they're visiting your room. They're great for propping your feet up on, though, while studying at your desk. This is definitely on my list of things to get for my apartment. This one is on-sale for $86, which is very reasonable for a pouf.

10. Oliver Gal 'Saint Sulplice Rd.' Wall Art

For those of you who are 'Gossip Girl' fans, this wall art is very much like the Prada Marfa sign in the Van Der Woodsen's residence. It's a little expensive (starting at $118 depending on what size you get), but this is definitely right up some fashionista's alley. If you really don't want to invest in one piece of art like this on your college budget, you could always buy the canvas yourself and do a DIY project or recruit one of your artsier friends to do it for you. Either way, this is my 'dream' piece from the sale, so I thought I'd share it with y'all!

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