10 Fashion Don'ts For A College Campus

10 Fashion Don'ts For A College Campus

Styles that shouldn't be seen on a college campus

Being a college student, you get more freedoms than you did in high school. One of those freedoms is no dress code, which makes life so much easier. However, I think we tend to take advantage of such freedoms. Some of the fashion choices I have seen walking on campus have led to me shaking my head and think ‘What were they thinking?’. Here are top 10 college fashion don’ts, in my opinion:

1. Pajamas

This is my biggest pet peeve. I understand that you have some classes early in the morning and you’re tired, but how hard is it to throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt? Going to class in your pajamas is lazy and makes it look like you just rolled out of bed. It also gives people the impression you don’t care.

2. Booty Shorts

Okay, yeah, we live in Florida and it’s hot, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear clothing that leaves nothing to the imagination. Girls, if you have to constantly pull the back of your shorts down, chances are they are too short, at least for a college campus. Nobody wants to see your butt hanging out of your shorts. You are giving people the wrong idea.

3. Sagging Pants

I know this one has been forever talked about, but I still see it on campus among other places. Guys, I don’t know what you find appealing about having your pants below your butt, but please pull them up. Nobody wants to see your underwear and I’m sure it will be easier for you to walk if your pants were properly fastened at your waist.

4. Crazy Print Leggings

This one really bugs me. I’ve never really been one to wear leggings on their own, to begin with, but some of these prints are just too crazy. Not everything matches these prints and that’s the first big problem. The next is just wearing leggings in general. Just because you can wear them out doesn’t mean you should. They may highlight the wrong aspects of your curves.

5. Muscle Shirts

You know the shirts that have like the entire side cut off. As much as that can be a nice view sometimes for us ladies (and maybe some gents, no judgment) it’s really not appropriate for a college campus unless you’re heading to the gym.

6. Cutout Shirts

This is one fashion choice I do not understand. Why cut the chest out of your shirt, but leave the neckline? I would feel like I’m choking. That would be the first piece I cut off. I just don’t know what girls find so appealing about this shirt because I don’t find it cute at all. It seems more inconvenient to me, but hey, that’s just my opinion.

7. Socks and Sandals

So, I’m going to be a bit of a hypocrite for a moment. This one, I know, is really cliché, but it truly is unflattering to wear socks with sandals. The whole point of a sandal is that it’s open and not smothering your feet like sneakers do. I have no idea how this became a thing, or why I, myself, do it despite not liking it, but it surely is a fashion don’t.

8. Over-use of Make-up

Ladies, this one might sting a little, but bear with me. Make-up is not your best friend, more is not better. It is quite the opposite in fact. I, myself, have never been a make-up person, but I respect those who are. I guess what I’m trying to say is go with the bare minimum. You don’t need four layers of foundation caked on your face to look ‘pretty’. I’m sure you look beautiful without it, but if you feel the need to wear it just go with the basics. Don’t make a mask. Highlight your features, don’t cover them up.

9. Bra-less

Bras are annoying. This is a fact I completely understand since I’ve had to wear one since I was 11. However, they are a necessary evil. Ladies, they are there for support and help more than you think. Not wearing one could bite you in the butt later in life. Also, you have to wear one if you are wearing thin fabrics. If you don’t, we can literally see everything and that is most definitely something you don’t want.

10. Holes in Skinny Jeans

We all love our skinny jeans and we all love the pre-torn holes that most adorn but sometimes enough is enough. When you start to see more skin than jean there are too many holes in the pants and might as well not be wearing any. There is a such thing as too many holes so be weary of that your next shopping trip.

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