There are so many stereotypes around owning a Chihuahua and I'm here to set the record straight. People say they are stupid, vicious, and annoying but I know they aren't. If you own a Chihuahua you know they aren't too. You know they are lovers, not fighters. You know they are so smart that they outsmart you sometimes. You also know they can be annoying but it's the amusing annoying. The annoying you laugh at and love. Here are 10 things you know if you own a Chihuahua:

1. Someone always calls them a rat.

Does my lil' baby girl look like a rat? I think not.

There is always that one person who calls them rats. I promise you my DOG is nothing like a rat. You resemble a rat more than my dog.

2. People always say they hate small breeds, especially chihuahuas.

Umm...excuse me, sir. You can let yourself out of my life. I don't need this negativity. Also, can I have facts for why you hate them? Or are you just jumping on the stupid opinions bandwagon? I'm betting the latter.

3. Chihuahuas are bed hogs.

Don't even get me started on their snoring. Most people don't think something so small can snore so loudly but they do! It's actually really cute and you can't help but smile to yourself. You love hearing them dream and make these soft little noises. These little dogs stretch out so much that they literally take up half the bed. Having two of them, I only have so much room to maneuver at night but we make the best of it. And now after several years, I can barely sleep without them near me.

4. The love cuddles.

If I am writing an article, email, or basically doing anything that my dog can lay on or near me for, he will. They both love being warm and close. My little boy even gets mad at me if I don't put a blanket on my lap so he can cuddle under it on me. He loves just being close to his mommy. My little girl likes to be close but not on me, unless she's cold then I'm fair game.

5. They are always giving kisses (or you are).

They just love to love. They give kisses because they love you and want to show affection. The kisses make you giggle and, for me and my babies, that makes them kiss you more. And you can't help but grab their little face and kiss attack them. They love it and soon, it's a kiss war. She always wins.

6. They have attitude problems.

Yes, she's so vicious. *rolls eyes*

If I leave my house for more than a day, you can bet all your money that my little Lizzie has shredded, broken, or knocked over something to punish me for being gone. And yes, she really does it punish me. They have a bad side, but honestly, what doggie doesn't? And their bark is kind of ear piercing but you love when they talk. They have so much personality that they don't seem like dogs but instead they seem like people. Chihuahua's get a bad rep and it's totally undeserved.

7. But they are actually the sweetest little dogs.

My dogs are a part of the Small Dog Syndrome, which is when people think small dogs are untrainable, ugly, and mean. All wrong assumptions let me say. They learn very quickly and my dogs know tricks I deem necessary. I, personally, think training my dogs to "give paw" is stupid. Instead they know come, lay down, and where are the treats? It's all they need to know. They aren't pets to me that I train but rather, my children that I love.

8. You buy more clothes and treats for them than you do for yourself.

My kids are so spoiled. I know it and they know it. We have so many treats and clothes it's kinda hilarious. With them being small we have so many more options than people with big dogs. We have hoodies, leashes/collars, Halloween costumes, and more. The funny thing is they love it. People say, "It's so mean to do that to your dog." But honestly, they love it. I go to their drawer (yes, they have their own drawer) and as soon as I open it they come running over, full of excitement. They get cold and their sweaters keep them warm and comfy. I swear, they love it.

9. They are all eyes and ears.

My dog actually sleeps with his eyes open. It's super creepy but kinda cute at the same time. I love when my dogs hear something or get excited, their ears perk up and you can't help but be in love with it. They are all ears and eyes but that makes them unique and adorable.

10. You love your fur babies more than anyone could ever understand.

I'd die without my babies. I'm not kidding. When I got my Maxie, things weren't great in my life. When we rescued him, I finally had someone to be around. I love him, for all the times he licked away tears, for all the times he made me laugh, and for all the times he had my back. He protects me and I protect him. I know it's kind of silly but my dog really is my best friend. Honestly, Max nor Lizzie, are just "dogs" to me. They really are my best friends and my fur babies. I wouldn't have all the laughs I do now without them. Both of my Chihuahua's light up my life and I wouldn't be where I am without them, giving me a reason to continue on. Not only, do they need me but I need them.

They make me smile everyday. I love them more than words can describe. Some people say dogs are "just dogs," but I say dogs are family.