10 Cancelled TV Shows to Binge Watch
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10 Cancelled TV Shows to Binge Watch

10 Cancelled TV Shows to Binge Watch

I’m pretty open about my television addiction. I acknowledge that I have a slight problem, however I am unwilling to seek help or do anything to decrease my craving and dependency.

In my relatively short time here on Earth, I’ve been exposed to many different television shows, particularly those dubbed reality. Looking back on it now, there probably should have been some more limits placed on which shows I could watch, but it’s too late to change any of that now! I’ve put together a list of 10 cancelled, yet completely compelling television shows that quickly became an accelerant for my love for television, so here we go! 

10. Dog Eat Dog (reality): Premise- With hostess Brooke Burns leading the way, six players spend a day at a camp and then a day in a studio competing in various physical, endurance, and trivia competitions in order to win $25,000. The best part of this show was the completely ridiculous challenges such as the “Bungee Foot Hang,” when contestants had to hang by their feet on a bungee, and guess five out of ten morphed celebrity faces. Watching this show ensured an hour of both amusement and questioning how anyone ever thought of these bizarre challenges.     

9. Kitchen Confidential (scripted): Premise- Based on Anthony Bourdain’s book, Bradley Cooper who plays the main character Jack Bourdain, gets fired because of his drug and alcohol problems, then opens up his own restaurant in New York City. Unlike Dog Eat Dog, this was actually a good show. It was naturally funny and had a wide variety of character personalities, keeping its one and only season entertaining.   

8. Laguna Beach/ The Hills (reality): Premise- The dramatic lives of the rich, young and beautiful. I’m pretty sure all who watched knew it was completely scripted, but even if it was, those 30 minutes per week completely drew in the audience. Who wasn’t hoping Brody and Lauren Conrad would end up together? Then again, who wasn’t heartbroken when we all learned the whole thing was a sham for ratings, and they never actually dated. Then, Speidi reeled their ugly heads, feuded with the rest of the cast, got a lot of plastic surgery and then got the show cancelled. I’ve almost gotten over it.   

7. Suburgatory (scripted): Premise- A father and daughter move away from New York City into a stereotypical, wealthy, suburb. This show was so great because of the refreshingly honest take the main character had on her new town. She realized how fake she was and her town, and called it out. All characters were hilariously written and dealt with obstacles in a comedic way.   

6. Miss Advised (reality): Premise- Three single relationship experts provide dating advice to their readers and clients, yet can’t make a relationship work in their own lives. This show proved that you could have it all pulled together on the outside, but be a complete and utter mess behind closed doors. These successful, smart, beautiful, women went on dates and unintentionally did everything in the book that you’re supposed to steer clear from. Every episode was full of cringe-worthy moments, however they all handled each one with as much grace and confidence as possible, which is really all you can do.   

5. Temptation Island (reality): Premise- Take four couples, send them to an island and split up the males from the females. Then a dozen single gorgeous men and women are placed into the opposite gender’s camp to see if the bond of the relationships can withstand the temptation. There was an incredible amount of public backlash because of how crass the premise was, however these couples chose to go on a show called “Temptation Island.” They knew what was going to happen on the show, and consciously made the decision to jump into it. Overall, it was a very entertaining train wreck that I couldn’t rip my eyes away from.  

4. I Wanna Marry Harry (reality): Premise- 12 American women get sent to England and think they’re on a dating show trying to win the heart of Prince Harry of Wales. Like many reality television shows, this is entertaining purely because of how big of a disaster it was. The major upside was the incredible one-liners that came out of these girls’ mouths, however there was the downfall of being slightly embarrassed that these ladies come from our country. First of all, what girl with any amount of intelligence thinks a member of the royal family would want to date a group of 12 trashy Americans? Only one girl, at the end, figured out he wasn’t in fact, Prince Harry. This was a giant face palm moment, however I felt like a genius compared to this group of ladies, so watch if you need a confidence booster!   

3. Dr. 90210 (reality): Premise- Women of Beverly Hills go to top plastic surgeons and have their quest for physical perfection captured on film. The really entertaining episodes were the bizarre requests such as the woman who wanted a diamond embedded into her wrist. The other side of the entertainment spectrum was the portions of the show that would show the plastic surgeons’ home lives. Their marriages were all crumbling and they played golf with their surgeon friends while talking about “the good old days,” when they were single.  

2. The OCD Project (reality): Premise- Put people with various forms of OCD in a house together while exposing them to various forms of therapy in an attempt to cure them. I’m still surprised this could be televised, but "VH1" has followed suit in producing many other therapy-centered shows, which are extremely entertaining. The complete vulnerability is slightly uncomfortable, however in the kind of way that you can’t look away. It’s also addicting because you have to see if they beat their OCD by the end!   

And the number one cancelled show to binge watch is… 

1.The O.C (scripted): Premise- A troubled teenage boy is adopted by an affluent family in Newport Beach. This show was completely gripping because of the relationships between the characters. When Marissa started dating Volchok instead of Ryan, the only correct reaction was to scream at the TV and when she died, (sorry for the spoiler), you weren’t sure whether to cry or curse out the writers. Ultimately, that’s why it got cancelled and all the episodes after her death were awful, but up until then it’s amazing!  

So next time you’re sick in bed or just looking for a new show to mindlessly binge watch, start one of these and I promise you’ll be entertained. I’m not promising these are diamonds in the rough or quality creativity at all, however they are amusing to the nth degree, and when we're looking for something to binge watch isn't that all we want?

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