10 Bold Makeup Trends You Need To Try This Spring

10 Bold Makeup Trends You Need To Try This Spring

Don't be afraid to experiment with makeup!


Bold/Graphic Eyeliner


Put down that old black eyeliner of yours and go for a more daring shade! Give your cat eyes and winged liners a new look by switching it up with different colors and graphics.

Blush Up, Buttercup


Blush is back and it's better than ever! Try using blush on your cheekbones and on the sides of your temples for a fully flushed look. It'll make you look hydrated and fresh.

Colored Mascara

Tiny Touch Ups

When it comes to makeup trends, colored mascara is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your every day look without over-doing it. Give your flutters a new look by going for a playful color that enhances your natural eye color and compliments your outfit!

Inner Corner Pop of Color


From Kylie Jenner to Rihanna, this simple new trend has taken over the beauty community. Adding a pop of color to your inner corners will subtlety brighten up eyes. Be sure to match your lip shade and outfit to compliment the color of your inner corner highlight!

Monochromatic Looks


Keep it simple and chic by matching your eye look to your lips. By choosing colors in the same shade range, it'll give you a more polished, put together look.

Holographic Highlighter


Neutral, one-toned highlighters are so yesterday! Holographic highlighters will give you dewy, glowy skin with a colorful twist to it each time the light hits the highest points of your face.

Bold, Glossy Lips


Lips are the most important part when it comes to completing and tying in the whole makeup look together. Whether or not you decide to go with a neutral eye look, add a bold lip color to your makeup look to make it fun and flirty!

Glow Glitter, Glow


You can't go wrong with glitter! Whether you want a glam look or something chic, you can play up or play down glitter to your liking. And, honestly, glitter makes everything better and more lively.

Faux Freckles Fad


At first glance, playing with faux freckles might look intimidating and difficult, but it's super easy and such a fun way to change up your every day look. Faux freckles are perfect for when you have fresh, dewy, natural skin but want to change up your everyday look without using color or glitter!

When In Doubt, Neon It Out


Neon makeup trend is the newest trailblazer in the beauty industry. Whether you decide to use it as eye liner or a lip color, you must try using neon in your makeup looks! It'll vamp up and electrify your makeup game.

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Hailey Miller's Debut Single Is 'The One'

"The One" is available now across all streaming platforms.


Being able to blend genres well is a true testament to a great artist, and Hailey Miller has done just that. Breaking onto the pop-country scene with her debut single "The One", the song speaks to the lessons that come out of unfortunate heartbreak, and definitely resonates with people going through one. I got the chance to talk with Hailey about her music, Nashville, and plans for the future:

1. What inspiration did you pull from to write "The One"?

"The One" was inspired by a relationship I was in. It was young love, not the healthiest relationship, and was dragged on for way longer than it should've been. I'd pretty much worked through all the heartbreak by the time it was fully over, and this song felt like the final piece to the puzzle. To acknowledge that some good came from the whole experience, and that lessons were learned. It just kind of poured out of me. It was exactly what I needed at the time. I wrote it and instantly felt peace. Like I could finally let it all go. It's a different kind of breakup anthem, and I hope that people can connect to it in the same way I did.

2. Do you tend to pull from personal experience to write or do you write using a third person perspective?

I definitely prefer to write from personal experience. I've written from a third person perspective, but it always feels more genuine for me to write about things I've been through first hand. It's just easier! It flows better, and feels more honest. Especially if I'm planning on using the song for myself. As an artist, I always want the truths I'm speaking to be genuine. I feel like people connect better that way. If I can't fully connect to the stuff I'm singing, how can I expect the listeners to? Personally, as an artist, the stories behind my songs are just as important to me as the song itself. That being said, if I can connect to someone else's experience deeply, writing third person can be just as fun!

3. What has your experience been like being a woman in the music industry?

You know, I don't have anything negative to say about my experience so far. I've felt respected as an artist from almost everyone I've personally come across in the industry. This being said, I'm very aware of the challenges females tend to face on a larger scale, especially in country. But I try to not let it phase me. In my mind, I'm just an artist…not a "female artist".

4. Growing up in Oregon, what/who inspired you to move to Nashville and write country music?

My earliest inspiration was definitely my aunt. She was singing country music professionally when I was super young, so I grew up seeing that and my family was super good about surrounding me with all sorts of music. My dad had this thing where he would always tell me to "listen to the words" and then at the end of the song I'd have to tell him what I thought it was about. It made me realize at a young age that music isn't just sound, it's stories. I fell in love with country music and its stories. Then came along these powerhouse female singer/songwriters…like Taylor Swift, and that was it. I knew it was something I wanted to do, and I knew Nashville was the place to do it. So, I learned the guitar, taught myself how to write, and made the move as soon as I possibly could! It's pretty much a 19 year old dream in the making at this point.

5. How has Nashville shaped your artistry and/or songwriting since moving there?

Nashville has already shaped my artistry and songwriting immensely. I think the biggest thing is being around so many talented artists and writers. It's super inspiring! Every time I go to a show or writer's round in town, I go home wanting to work even harder. That's the magic about Nashville. In a place where the industry could feel very competitive, the community is so amazing that instead of feeling intimidated, I feel inspired. I think that's so cool. Being able to learn your craft in an environment like that, where everybody is willing to collaborate and learn from each other. There's no room to sit still and not work hard. I think that alone has made me a better artist and writer. I've discovered my own unique writing style and sound, and can't wait to develop it even more.

6. What has your experience been like releasing your first single independently?

It's been amazing! I've had the best time with it. The process was so fun, and such a learning experience. Since it was my first release, I tried to go into it with little to no expectations and I've been blown away! The support I've received is beyond what I ever expected, and people are listening!! That's all I could've ever asked for. I think putting out music for any artist, independent or not, is always a little scary because there's this fear that people won't connect to such a personal part of you. There's so much work behind the scenes that goes into it. But it is so rewarding to read people's messages about how they connect or relate to the song. It's the best feeling in the world!

7. What are your future goals and aspirations within the music industry?

I ultimately just want to keep writing and putting out music that I love, and that other people love. Whether that's on a small scale level, or a larger scale. As long as I'm continuing to make music, I'm happy! That being said, I'd love to do some touring soon, and work towards my first EP/full length album.

8. Do you have plans to release new music soon?

Plans are in the works. I don't have a definitive date for you guys quite yet, but new music is on its way! I've been writing tons and I have some stuff that I'm dying to get out. I'd keep an eye out in the upcoming months for sure.

Listen to "The One" across all streaming platforms now and keep an eye out for future music from Hailey!

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Are You Going To Cry Or Boss Up The Next Time Tragedy Hits? Why Not Both?

Holding your head up high and moving forward is vital, but not neglecting yourself emotionally is too.


Heartbreak. Trauma. Grief. Tragedy. Just when we begin to expect the unexpected in life, a tidal wave of chance floods the foundation of our lives. I have always believed that it is not so much what happens to you in life that is important, but rather, it is how you respond that makes a world of a difference. When the unanticipated strikes, however, reacting is often the first answer.

Maybe you're the type of person who cries at the end of every romantic-comedy, cares and puts forth effort in every relationship you maintain or is hurt easily by the thoughtlessness of others. There is no shame in being one, two, or all three of these. Or maybe you're someone who has been hurt in the past and refuses to feel such pain again, so you maintain a wall that no emotional spear can penetrate. This is okay too.

Regardless of what kind of emotional being you are, know that it is acceptable to feel that feeling. Sit in it for a while, marinate in the feelings of fury, fear, sadness, pain, or betrayal for a bit. These feelings are valid simply because they are. No one feels such strong, seemingly debilitating emotions for no reason. Whatever or whoever ignited your fire gave you that reason, or possibly multiple, for a purpose: for you to realize that it is not what was done or said that ultimately determines the future, but it is what you are to do with this lesson, loss, or learning that will.

Feel those feelings. Own your shit. Cry, scream, throw your phone, go for a drive, work out, eat your favorite food, do whatever you need to do. Then move forward. Don't move on, per se, because the small and big events that change who we are cannot and should not be glazed over, but move forward. Ask yourself, "What can I do to let go of this feeling?" Do not carry hatred, pain, or sadness with you. If you never get it off your chest, you'll never be able to breathe. Instead, carry fond memories of what was, appreciation for the lessons that now are, and plans for what is to come. If you wronged someone, apologize from the heart, and forgive yourself in the meantime. If someone wronged you, forgive, yet, never forget the lessons the wrong taught you. If you lost someone who meant the universe to you, look for them in the small things in your daily life, and keep them by your side in other ways. If you find yourself asking "Why?" in the midst of tragedy, look at what good came immediately after it, and what it did for the hurting.

"Bossing up" does not have to mean acting as if nothing ever happened. Instead, it is the acknowledgment that you are not the same person you once were. You are likely much wiser, more self-aware, understanding, or cautious; and your eyes, heart, and mind may be more open or wary. Whether crying or remaining stoic is your preferred processing method, appreciate those moments, think about what you do or say before the fact, and take your next step confidently, because you never needed to "boss up" anyway, you already are one.

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