10 Boards Every Girl Has On Her Pinterest
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10 Boards Every Girl Has On Her Pinterest

From recipes to decorating a home.

10 Boards Every Girl Has On Her Pinterest

If you're reading this and you're a girl who has a Pinterest, then this listicle will be totally relatable. Pinterest has anything and everything you could ever need to know or want. There are obviously more than 10 boards on my Pinterest but I've narrowed it down to my top 10 favorites for this listicle. Let's get started!

1. All things...WEDDING.

This was a given. I mean, every girl dreams of her wedding and about every little detail so why not have it all planned out on Pinterest? From the colors all the way down to the flowers, you've got to be prepared ladies.

2. Makeup & Hair Ideas

This was another "well duh". If you're a girl on this planet, you've looked up makeup and hair ideas on Pinterest a million times. Pinterest has ideas for every holiday, season, time of day. an event, and more. There are some of the most beautiful ideas for makeup and hair on there that every girl needs to check out.

3. Food Food Food

You can't leave food out of anything, obviously. This picture made me laugh and is so relatable so of course, I had to use it. If you're looking for a recipe for literally anything, Pinterest will be your best friend.

4. Quotes on Quotes

Need a quote for your Instagram post? Go to Pinterest or better yet, make a board full of quotes. I have a board on mine full of every quote imaginable and I love it. You'll never be captionless again!

5. Future Home Ideas

I am obsessed with Farmhouse ideas (Thanks, Chip and Jo) so naturally, I made a future home ideas board on Pinterest to fill with all things shiplap, and plants (fake of course).

6. Clothes, Clothes, and more Clothes.

Need clothing ideas for date night or a girls night out? Pinterest can help you pair any type of clothing you have and make it look amazing! Trust me, I have a board full of them.

7. DIY Tips & Tricks

If you need to organize your desk, decorate a room, or make a cute craft with kids, Pinterest is your go-to for all things DIY. There's a board for that!

8. Tattoo Ideas

Whether you want a real one or just want to draw one, you can find it on Pinterest. You search it, you'll find it!

9. Photography Ideas

Need an idea for your next photo sesh? Well, guess what? Pinterest has all the picture ideas in the world.

10. Excercise Tips

If you're like me, you have all of these exercise tips and ideas on your Pinterest, but you've only done a handful of them or maybe you're an overachiever and you've done them all. Need a workout idea? Pinterest, friend.

Thanks, Pinterest!

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