10 Annoying Stereotypes Sorority Girls Are Tired Of Hearing
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Student Life

10 Annoying Stereotypes Sorority Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

We are all different.

10 Annoying Stereotypes Sorority Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

I am not this first to write about this and I surely won’t be the last sorority girl to shed light on the hilarious stereotypes that are associated with Greek life. I am also not ignorant to think that there are not negative connotations associated with Greek life and those who participate. However, I hope to inform those that believe the stereotypes associated with sororities and the girls that participate. Here are just ten of the hundreds of annoying stereotypes that are associated with sorority girls.

1. “All they wear are Nike shorts and t-shirts to class.”

And? What is wrong with being comfortable walking to class? Shorts and t-shirts are comfortable. They are not worn to throw our letters in anyone’s faces. They are not worn because we're too "hungover" to dress nicely for class, and those who aren’t involved in Greek life as well wear them. South Georgia is hot and classes are hard. You might as well be comfortable.

2. Spray tans

This one makes me laugh. Sorority girls aren’t always getting spray tans. Ladies of all ages get spray tans because it’s convenient when South Georgia decides to have a mind of its own as far as weather goes. Plus, tanning beds are dangerous. A lot of women choose spray tans to skip the skin cancer and look like a golden copper penny!

3. “How much did you pay for your friends?”

I have mentioned the subject of friendships in articles before. With schedules being so different among your peers in college, you really have to go out of your way to spend time with those who are close to you. No, I did not pay for my friends. I pay dues to my chapter so that we can serve our community and our campus. I do not write a check on the first and the fifteenth of every month and title it “BFFS!”.

4. "Are you here to get your MRS degree?”

No, I am not attending college to marry a man for his bank account. My parents did not push me to work hard in high school so that I could get into an incredible school only to go on dates and flip my hair on campus for the future CEOS and Engineers of this generation. Besides, studies show that boy’s brains don’t fully develop until the age of twenty-five anyway. So the math doesn’t even add up. These are the facts, ladies.

5. Parties. “Girls in sororities just party all the time.”

Wrong again. Sororities are made up of all different types of girls that like to do all certain types of things. There are girls on intramural flag football teams, girls that are involved in a number of organizations on campus, and some girls that the party scene is just not for them. Add schoolwork on top of all of this and some of us don’t party at all.

6. Our Daddy’s don’t pay for everything

This one is probably the most annoying to me. I overheard someone on campus say “Girls in sororities will depend on Daddy’s money their whole lives.” Wrong, yet again. There are several girls that I know of that are completely independent of their parents. They work two and sometimes three jobs, pay for their education, and their sorority dues as well. Even if you are not independent of your parents, it is ignorant to associate a group of girls that you probably don’t even know as being “spoiled” or “pampered” just because of a stereotype. Oh, and shout out to all of the Dad’s out there. Your job description goes far beyond writing a check.

7. Planners

No, not all sorority girls walk around campus with a designer planner made by Lily Pulitzer or Kate Spade. Walmart and Target planners will do just the job. Furthermore, planners are for everyone. It is a method of being organized and shouldn’t be associated with a stereotype.

8. Monograms and letters

Some of us have been sitting in traffic and recognize a sorority sister based off of the letters on the back of their car. News flash! This does not mean there is a stereotype associated with this either. Girls of all types enjoy monograms. Does this mean they are a stuck-up sorority girl driving a car that Daddy bought? No.

9. Friend groups

Another comical stereotype is that girls in sororities only hang out with their friends in their own sorority. To be completely honest, I have just as many friends outside of Greek life as I do within my sorority. Of course, it’s fun to hang out with your girlfriends in your pledge class, yet I encourage others to be friends with everyone, regardless of whether they go Greek or not.

10. Body image

This one is by far the most hurtful and ridiculous stereotype of them all. “All sorority girls are obsessed with their body image.” HA! Wrong. Yet. Again. I know several girls that do nothing but promote confidence in others by simply encouraging girls to embrace who they are. Meaning, every curve, freckle, mole, and piece of skin was placed there for a reason. Own it. Women all around the globe could find issues with their bodies. There will always be a flaw to point out, but to say that that is all girls care about is ridiculous. It’s even more absurd to associate a negative connotation to a sorority girl who cares about her body image. We all do. Speaking as a sorority girl herself, I challenge you to embrace every single part of your body and wear it proudly. That is the meaning of true confidence.

These are just a few of the several unreasonable stereotypes that are associated with girls in sororities. To all of the girls out there, wear a comfortable t-shirt to class if you want to. Take the spray tan over the tanning bed because skin cells are precious. No, you did not pay for your friends. If you meet the love of your life in college, great! But his last name is not the name of your degree. Daddy’s don’t pay for everything. Planners and monograms are fun. Your friend groups should be everywhere on campus, and lastly, embrace every part of yourself. Whether it be physical or mental, wearing your flaws with confidence is a skill that will go far beyond anything else you do in life.

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