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I'm Single AF But I Still Have Seven Wedding Boards On Pinterest

There's nothing wrong with preparing

I'm Single AF But I Still Have Seven Wedding Boards On Pinterest

Let's face it, Pinterest is everyone who is a planner best friend. You can get your Christmas wish list started, your future home planned out down the to coasters, any DIY project you could ever dream up, and of course your dream wedding. Well... if you're someone like me, your six dream weddings.

Not that I want to have six different marriages, I just want my future husband to have an option for the wedding theme and choose an option I already like. Okay, just kidding, I'm not that controlling.

However, just simply having ideas all tied up in a bow for themes and playing with the idea of "what if I did have a Batman themed wedding?" and running with it is the joy of Pinterest. Currently, my wedding boards are titled: Trashy But Classy (for context, this is my super low budget wedding plan), Jurassic Park Wedding, Lord of the Rings Wedding, The Greatest Show! Wedding, Country Wedding (what girl doesn't want Mason jars at her wedding?), Batman Wedding, and Fall/Halloween Wedding.

What can I say, I am a girl of my fandoms and I like to express my fandoms in theme format. Through planning and pinning for multiple wedding ideas despite my singleness has made me and still makes me excited for the man I get to marry one day. Do I know who he is? Oh heck no, because I am living that single pringle life. But the excitement and anticipation have taught me the importance of preparing myself to be a wife one day and to pray for my future husband.

The number one thing that I have been taught throughout this journey of singleness is that the best way to prepare for your husband is to pursue Christ. When you ground yourself in Christ while in your singleness teaches you who you truly are as an individual as we all find our identity in Christ, not our relationship status. When we pursue a relationship in Christ, you also lay out a groundwork for how your marriage is going to function.

The second most important thing when preparing for your future spouse is to pray for your heart when finding them and to pray for them yourself. Pray for yourself that your heart's and flesh's desires do not overpower the voice of the spirit telling you that one guy is not the one. Rose colored glasses are a thing and something to be wary of. And pray that you have the discernment to know he is that person for you.

When praying for your husband, you want to have the right perspective. While you may have that made-to-order prayer of what you want him to be like, refocus your prayers that the spirit is currently working in him to become the man he needs to be for you. You may think you need a man who is happy all the time, but God knows you need someone who knows how to take things seriously.

It is also important to pray for your husband humbly and with a heart of thanksgiving. Though it may be difficult to be joyful if you're feeling like you're never going to find that man despite the number of details your Pinterest boards go into, be thankful for God's goodness and his grace throughout your singleness. And have the hope and knowledge that he will provide in his own time.

So go on single ladies, continue to create those boards in anticipation for that future man, but ensure that you are preparing yourself beyond the screen.

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