What Your String Instrument Says About You
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What Your String Instrument Says About You

A tribute to the best type of instruments

What Your String Instrument Says About You

Let's face it: not all instruments are created equal, and that is a fact. Everybody knows that string instruments are a hundred times better than percussion, woodwind and brass instruments. The sounds of the strings replicate the human soul, and there is just something so magical about the way they produce sound. Strings are the instruments of royalty, and they are the prima donnas of the orchestra. They are also extremely versatile when it comes to the type of music they can be played, and there is a wide range of them. This list focuses on the main string instruments, but there are many that I left out. Here are some stereotypes that I have encountered about each string instrument and what they say about a person:

1. Guitar

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If you play the guitar, you're the life of the party. Everybody loves you, and you are used to being in the center of attention; in fact, you thrive in the limelight. Sometimes, you let it get to your head and you may get a little arrogant, but overall you are a genuinely nice people-person. You love parties and are an extrovert. Your wardrobe consists of flannel and comfy clothes, and your favorite food is an all-American hamburger.

2. Bass Guitar

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If you play the bass guitar, you are severely underrated and often overlooked (except if you're Paul McCartney). However, you are the backbone of your friend group, and people always appreciate you for the little things and acts of kindness. You are solid as a rock, and you are in touch with the world as well as yourself. You like to wear jeans and darker colors, and you enjoy peace and tranquility.

3. Piano

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If you play the piano, you are one classy individual. Everyone knows who you are, and they regard you as an all-around good person. You spend your time appreciating art, going to the theater, and maybe sipping some Merlot. You like your steak rare, and you always have a clean appearance. Your wardrobe consists of dark colors that are classy and timeless, and you have a weak spot for black clothing. Your hands are always suspiciously clean.

4. Violin

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If you play the violin, you have a very flamboyant but dainty look, kind of like a peacock. You love it when the spotlight is on you, and you are actually used to it. The world revolves around you, and you do a lot to maintain your image. You ooze with confidence and have a specific strut when you walk. You're a classic and can also let a little arrogance get to your head like the guitar.

5. Cello

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If you play the cello, you are a down-to-Earth person. Your wide range of emotions is reflected in the wide range of octaves a cello is able to play. People regard you as a quirky but unique individual, and they always appreciate you. You really like reading about history and you appreciate old antiques. You drink your coffee with only a little bit of creamer.

6. Viola

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If you play the viola, you're an introvert. You're shy and no one really knows you exist, which is a shame because you're actually a really cool person. You are rarely the center of attention, and you never have enough repertoire to use. However, you're a kind and old soul, and people sense something is off when you're not there. You really like big comfy sweaters and cardigans with black tea.

7. Double Bass

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If you play the double bass, you're really tall and one of a kind. Like the bass guitar, you hold the group together and are very steady. Nothing really phases or surprises you. You kind of just go with the flow. Everyone secretly envies you and your ability to be so humble and level-headed.

8. Ukulele

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If you play the ukulele, you have an aesthetically pleasing tumblr. You appreciate flower crowns, dyed hair and you dress with a bohemian vibe. You are probably a liberal, and you love to drink herbal tea while sitting in the warm summer grass. Your voice is very light and angelic, which goes well with your ukulele strumming.

9. Harp

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If you play the harp, you are literally an angel. People have always considered you to be nice and kind, and you are a smooth talker. Your spirit animal is a little deer that is slurping up cool water from a fresh stream in the woods. You really like pastels and tiny cupcakes, and floral looks good on you.

10. Banjo

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If you play the banjo, you live in the South (or you like to pretend you're from the South). You can be found sipping ice-cold sweet tea on your front porch while plucking away at your banjo. You also own at least one pair of cowboy boots, and you are fond of hats. People may find you to be a stereotypical hillbilly, but you're okay with that.

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