Being in a relationship during college definitely has its own unique benefits and struggles. WOne common trend though is a few *interesting* comments from other people. While a person may be coming from a good place, it could get old after a while.

1. "College isn't the right time for a relationship"

While being in a relationship during college may not be something you want, it says nothing about what I want. Just like being exclusive isn't for everyone, being involved in hookup culture isn't either. Also, sometimes the best relationship can start out of nowhere, so why judge someone for being a part of something that makes them happy? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and desires, but there's certainly a point where it just feels like plain judgment.

2. "Does your boyfriend let you go out?"

There are certainly a lot of things to unpack here. So first of all, a significant other should never be the final say in what their partner does, especially when they just want to have fun and enjoy themselves. I know that if I ever dated anyone that tried to control me, they would be gone in two seconds flat. Second, being in a relationship should never completely change how you live your life; single me loves going out with my friends, so why should I change myself just because I have a boyfriend?

3. "Are you going to hang out with your boyfriend?" whenever I have free time

While this seems like an innocent question, it can get a little annoying if everyone's first assumption is that I'm with my significant other when I have spare time. But no, that's not the case. I love my fair share of me time doing a face mask, watching movies, and napping. I make time for myself and the other amazing people in my life because they are just as important to me. Also, it makes me feel like I have to explain myself to everyone during the times when I do actually go to hang out with my boyfriend.

4. "You wouldn't know, you have a boyfriend"

Just because I'm in a relationship now doesn't mean I haven't experienced things with other people in the past. I could have some insight to offer about dating culture and people in general, and my relationship status doesn't dictate that.