What Sex Toy To Try, Based On Your Zodiac Sign
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The Best Sex Toy To Try, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Ladies, it's not all about vibrators you know.

50 Shades of Gray

This past week my friends and I took the BDSM test and holy cow was it eye-opening, hilarious, and quite accurate if I do say so myself. To each his own! Everyone has their own toe-curling kinks and sexual desires, and, honestly, if they are happily being satisfied and reaching their peak, good for them–we all need to be open with our sensual cravings. Every being desires some self-love in their life, especially during the giving season.

Whether you're searching for a pleasure product to use on yourself, your partner, or a gift for your friend, a present that will generate a mind-blowing O will always be the answer. Each zodiac sign comes with its own temperament, manners, and wants and needs; thus, it's only just that each sign is associated with its own hallucinatory sex toy.

Grab some lube, relax, and enjoy your new favorite gadget–you can thank me later.

Sagittarius: Hisionlee 4 Piece Anal Plut Set


Sagittarians demand fun, freedom, and variety. They are eager to adventure out of the norm and experience new activities. Therefore, Sagittarians are the gung-ho individuals willing to venture into anal play.

Dare to try? Find it here for $14.87.

Capricorn: hi®


Capricorns aspire to achieve. Reach orgasm, I mean. These calculating minds are serious and known to be extreme workaholics; hence, hi® is a quintessential tool for their driven, mathematical mind. With a logo like, "Life is stressful... now there's a solution," this personal massager is essential for these serious souls who just need a break from their hectic lives. With the tool's personal guides, Capricorns can revel in the logical steps to ensure one's pleasure. Plus, the company promises that the technology will get one off in minutes with the strongest, most revolutionizing orgasm of their life! So, get ready to have some fun during your lunch breaks!

Preorder this magic now for $349.95!

Aquarius: Lelo's LILY™ 2

Sweet Care

Aquariuses are the friendly neighbors that everyone is bound to love. With their energizing, patient, self-reflecting nature they benefit from helping others; nonetheless, these gregarious fellas need and deserve their alone time, too. On that account, Aquariuses deserve the LILY™ 2 with its range of pleasure settings and the unique aphrodisiac experience. Now that's what I call tranquility.

Get it now for $139.00, you won't regret it.

Pisces: Satisfier Pro 2


One of the more sensitive, devoted signs whose passions are felt intensely **wink wink** require the indirect, yet exceptional capabilities of the Satisfyer Pro 2. Each level of the eleven gets more powerful than the next and Cosmopolitan has responded with, "Imagine this: a guy licking you, only more intense."

Feel the sensation for $45.64.

Aries: The Eggplant Emojibator


These strong-willed, lively, and vibrant jokesters always find something to laugh about and what's better to crack up about than the renowned eggplant emoji vibrator.

Find the Emojibator here for $35.00. Plus, check out the different types of emoji vibrators, such as the chili, the banana, and even the shark.

Taurus: Cleo Bangle Handcuffs

Unbound Babes

These handcuffs are not for the Taurus, but for their partner as this sign loves to be in charge and take care of others. Taurus beings have a natural sense of protection and will take pleasure in taking their discrete bangle bracelets that quickly turn into erotic restraints as they embark on their seductive teasing.

Grab your lustful, favorite accessory for $36.00.

Gemini: We-Vibe Sync Couples Vibrator


Geminis are happiest when chatting away with people and sharing experiences with others. The sign also typifies curiosity, so with impulses of communication, connection, and their out-of-the-box spirit, the We-Vibe Sync is perfect. Not only can it be comfortably placed in the vagina during sex, but Geminis can grab their partner and play with the free app that can control the toy from anywhere. Sounds dangerous!

Buy it here for $155.00.

Cancer: Satisfyer's Partner Whale


Known to be the emotional sign, cancers want to feel connected to their partners and secure in their relationship. Since they crave the sensation that they are needed and loved, this Partner Whale vibrator is the way to go. The whale-shaped toy is manufactured for the couple, making the woman squirt while arousing and enticing her S.O.

Lovers make sure to get you and your Cancer one for $27.12.

Leo: Soft, Satin Blindfold


The regal Leo the lions are protective and bountiful, yet love to be adored. Hence, they'll savor their partner cherishing them while creating anticipation and suspense with a blindfold. The heightened sense of touch and hearing will steam up the room. And, afterward, their generous side will manifest as they play the same game with their partner.

Enjoy the intimate play for $7.55.

Virgo: We-Vibe Touch

The Notice

The discrete clitoral vibrator is what every Virgo needs to light a fire to their excited side, which is hidden underneath their critical, businesslike demeanor. Although more hushed than the other signs, Virgos will not be able to repress their screams with this powerful toy!

Feel the ultimate sensation now for $62.91

Libra: The Heart Chakrub

Fort Dulce

Libras seek balance and peace within their beautiful, harmonic lives. Known to welcome meditation with open arms, the rose quartz dildo-shaped crystal, cleverly titled Chakrub, is ideal for these self-aware peoples. The tool guarantees a spiritual, sexual experience that reconnects one with their body and healing the instability that may be present in other forms of life.

Feel the essence of love for $169.

Scorpio: Pavian Flirting Whip


Scorpios are feisty and extreme lovers, so (consensual) impact play is exactly what they yearn for. Spanking with one's hand is good and all, but when ready, a soft leather whip will strike one in just the right places.

Start spanking now for $15.99.

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