Zero-Waste Living Has Never Looked So Good

Zero-Waste Living Has Never Looked So Good

These ingenious brands have created stylish products that make environmentally friendly habits trendy, fun and something you will want to hop on board with.


I am just as guilty of contributing to the epidemic as most of the people reading this blog are. Every few days when my roommate and I would empty the garbage cans from our dorm room, we found ourselves shocked at how much trash the two of us had created in such a short amount of time. This, on a much broader scale, is the exact base of the sweeping problem impacting our planet so greatly right now.

Nobody wants to see our ecosystem ruined by the waste we are creating. We love our planet. So why are we still letting it happen at such a rapid rate? Well, a huge part of it is related to ease. Using disposable materials is convenient, it takes no extra thought or effort. A truly zero-waste lifestyle is extremely tedious and something most of us would never be able to realistically sustain.

So what is a good middle ground? I think most of us would be willing to make a few changes to our daily routine if it meant helping to save our environment. Well, luckily our efforts in saving the planet are becoming even easier thanks to a handful of companies helping us make the switch from disposable to sustainable, and doing so in the most adorable and trendy ways.

Here are a few everyday adjustments that you and your friends will love making thanks to the fun alternative products, that will allow you to feel good about being good to our environment. Also, as a side note, every one of these items makes great gifts for friends or family members next time you are looking.

1. Get ready for the cutest grocery trip of your life.

In my opinion, plastic bags at groceries are something that should have been done away with a long time ago. Paper bags too for that matter. Reusable grocery bags are so easy to keep in your car and you can buy them everywhere. Some brands, however, go above and beyond when it comes to fun patterns and designs. My personal favorite, Baggu, creates bags that will fit anybody's personality and they fold up into a tiny pouch when you aren't using them so they're easy to bring with you anywhere.

2. Sip on, you will never forget to bring THIS reusable straw.

I guarantee that you have seen reusable straws, but that you've never seen reusable straws like Finalstraws. This genius company found probably the cutest way possible for you to take your reusable straw anywhere and in so many colors and varieties that, if you're like me, you will want to collect them all. Packaged in a portable pod that you can attach to your keychain or toss in your purse, these straws come in every color, even iridescent, with silicon mouthpieces. Just trust me and check them out.

3. We all hated makeup wipes, anyways. 

Nobody likes remembering buying makeup wipes or going through endless cotton pads and bottles of remover, and trash they create adds up quickly. So keep it simple when it comes to makeup removal, and invest in a microfiber remover cloth. Never heard of them before? Trust me I hadn't either of I would have had one a long time ago. All you need is your cloth and water, to remove any tough makeup instantly. Here is a link to Sephora for a video incase you need proof.

4. Ziplock baggies have met their match.

Ziplock baggies are certainly convenient, but now there's an even better way to pack your snacks or lunches. Silicon zips are rapidly replacing their wasteful plastic sisters. And they even come in (of course) fun colors and patterns. The favorite brand which I have yet to find a comparison to is Stasherbag. These cute baggies come in every size aren't just for food, people use them for travel, organization, cosmetic carriers, you name it. Browse their website for more inspiration on how to incorporate these sleek baggies into your life and replace plastic completely.

5. Your disposable razor could never. 

Disposable razors just aren't it guys, and if you are still using them you don't know what you're missing out on. Safety razors are single bladed and designed to shave at your skin eliminating razor bumps. Even better, and more on topic, the only disposable part of the razor is the single metal blade that should be replaced or sharpened occasionally. If you aren't excited yet they are also beautiful and come in gorgeous varieties like rose gold. Did you ever think you would be this excited about shaving (and saving the environment)?

A few final ways to do your part

If you made it this far you're either at least somewhat interested in being eco-friendly, or maybe you're just really bored? Either way, I want to encourage you to get on board with making any lifestyle changes you can to help reduce waste, no matter how small. Everything helps, even things as simple as:

- Using a reusable water bottle instead of plastic ones.

- Use washable hand towels, kitchen towels, and cleaning rags, rather than paper towels.

- Recycle or reuse what you can, when you do use plastics.

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