5 Bomb Make Up Brands That Won't Break Your Bank
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5 Bomb Make Up Brands That Won't Break Your Bank

If you're broke and love make up, you need these brands.

5 Bomb Make Up Brands That Won't Break Your Bank

Being a broke college girl is hard, but it's even harder when you love make up. I've come to realize that I was shopping for make up all wrong. "It's an expensive brand, so it's going to be quality make up" was not the way I should have been shopping in the make up department, and I learned quickly that certain eyeshadow brands are more pigmented and cheaper than the Urban Decay Naked pallets (sorry, not sorry.) I learned that certain liquid lipsticks would stay on all day, while others came off entirely on my morning coffee cup. I found full-coverage foundation from certain, expensive brands oxidized on my skin after application, making me look like an oompa loompa by the time my make up application was over. And I also found that I was dropping loads of cash on brands that were testing on animals.

I began to do my research, buying different brands of make up and compare them to my expensive collection that I already had, and I've found several brands that are worth your money, rather than the ones that are ripping you off for pretty packages, low quality powders and oxidizing foundations. 

So, If you've dropped $60 at Ulta instead of buying groceries for a week, this article is for you, because been there done that (sorry mom). 

1. Morphe

I can guarantee you've seen the Morphe Fall Into Frost palette online, and you've probably never actually looked into buying it since you're a college girl, you're broke, and you can only get it online. But let me do the math for you and explain why Morphe is number 1 on this list. Each palette has 35 colors per palette. For $23 for one palette, that means each color in that palette is approximately .65 cents. Not only is this extremely affordable makeup, but it's also high-end, professional, extremely pigmented and blendable eyeshadows. And on top of being high end, pigmented, and affordable, Morphe is also cruelty-free! (Also, Morphe is coming to Sephora so you can cross that con off your list.)

2. ColourPop

It took me awhile to jump on the ColourPop ban wagon, and I have been missing out. ColourPop is known for extremely pigmented eyeshadows (literally called Super Shock Shadows), creamy, matte lippie stix, ultra-matte liquid lipsticks (that actually STAY), and several other hidden treasures. But the best part of ColourPop is the price tag! Shock Shadows are $5 a pot, pressed shadows are $4 a pot (or 4 for $18 in a palette), the matte, liquid lipsticks (that I swear by) is $6, or the lippie stix are $5. This isn't drugstore makeup, friends. This is affordable, high-end, cruelty-free MAGIC. Plus, this is also coming to Sephora, so it's about to become easier to get your hands on too! Don't be me and wait. Jump on this bandwagon.

3. NYX

NYX isn't as cheap as the first 2 brands on this list, but it still isn't even close to breaking your bank. Although I personally prefer some of their products over others, everything and anything NYX is worth your money. NYX Liquid eyeliner is the only eyeliner I will use; it's quality eyeliner that doesn't break my bank. They have every color of lipstick in every form, in every finish for affordable prices. Their eyeshadows are wonderful dupes for makeup brand's I could never afford. They also have the new element series out right now, that is absolutely worth your time. NYX is easily accessible because it's a professional make-up brand that you can find it at stores like Target and Meijer. If you haven't tried NYX yet, run over to your local Target and grab some!

(Technically, NYX is cruelty-free, but they are now acquired by L'Oreal, who sells to China where testing on animals is required.)

4. Fenty

You've heard about it, and we're going to talk about it. Rihanna is our hero yet again, and gave us an affordable, full coverage, 40-shade foundation. For full coverage, in a shade that exactly matches you're undertones, you better plan to be walking out of Sephora or Ulta with $55 less than you had walking in there. Although I still find $34 expensive for a foundation, it's less money than the competitors, and better quality than the expensive brands. Every youtube review just raves about how fantastic Fenty is, and to top it all off, it's 100% cruelty free, and you can find it at your local Sephora! 

5. Ipsy

Now, I know Ipsy isn't a brand, and it's a company, but hear me out. For $10 a month, you get a make up bag in the mail each month with 5 different sample sized products inside. You can customize your account so they will give you products that work with your skin type, tone, eye color, and preferences. I've had Ipsy for over a year, and receive multiple high-end make up brands each bag. There are two reason's that Ipsy is included in this list. the first is because I haven't bought mascara in over a year. I've received Urban Decay's Better Than Sex mascara, It's Cosmetics mascara, and Tarte's 4 in 1 mascara all in Ipsy bags, and they all lasted me 4 months each. If you do the math for those brand's travel sized mascara, I've saved money. The second reason is, of corse, the price tag. I pay $10 a month, and get 5 products plus a super cute make up bag in the mail. That means each product plus the bag is approximately $1.66. Mind you, that means for a whole year I was using quality mascara for a total price of $5. 

For a broke college kid, $10 a month for this bag is worth it. You can change the shipping address to your dorm room, back to your parents house for summer, and to your new apartment next year. It's easy. Plus, you earn points when you give the products you received reviews, which are redeemable for more make up! If you're thinking about using ipsy, use my link here!

(Ipsy doesn't guarantee that every product they send you will be cruelty free, but it's safe to say that 95% of the products I have received are cruelty free.)

I could talk about make up all day, every day, and maybe I'll write another article on how to get your wings perfect every time, or the fool proof way to blend your eyeshadow. But before I can do that, you have some shopping to do. (And some money to save!)

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