12 Entertaining YouTube Channels To Keep You Busy When You're (Aready) Procrastinating
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12 Entertaining YouTube Channels To Keep You Busy When You're (Aready) Procrastinating

They may not have been on YouTube Rewind, but they make some awesome content.

12 Entertaining YouTube Channels To Keep You Busy When You're (Aready) Procrastinating

At a New Year's Eve party the hosts played 2018 YouTube Rewind and for the entire video, I saw dozens of different young adults who I presume are Youtube stars. I recognized literally none of them (except for Will Smith and the Yodeling Walmart Boy Mason Ramsey.)

The funny thing about that is that I've been a big YouTube fan since it's inception in 2005, the only thing is that the content I follow are not popular enough to make a Rewind video, so I decided to make a list of awesome Youtube channels in either sports or entertainment to introduce to you the reader and help spread their delicious content!

1. Lindsay Ellis

The artist formerly known as "The Nostalgia Chick", Lindsay Ellis has gone on her own over the past few years and has created some fantastic video essays in which she analyzes and deconstructs tropes we see in typical film and pop culture but don't notice that often.

She has a combination of wit, insight, and cleverness that makes her content must-watch.

2. UrinatingTree

Wanna hear an angry but intelligent Pittsburgh native and member of Yinzer nation rant about dysfunctional sports franchises and a legacy of failure? Then UrinatingTree is the channel just for you!

3. Crashcourse

Young Adult novel legend John Green has expanded his work to help out teens and young adults in educating them in a more fun style with Crash Course. Nearly every educational subject has a series of video essays going in depth on the topic and makes hard subjects easier to learn for millennials.

4. Nostalgia Critic

The Nostalgia Critic is one of the biggest names on Youtube when it comes to movie reviews and his rants on bad movies are so worth describing. I've been checking out his stuff since college and his work continues to be consistent despite some weird dark web backlash he gets for some reason.

5. Alternate History Hub

If you're a history buff, you often think about how different the world would be had one significant event in the past had a different outcome. The Alternate History Hub channel goes in depth to these ideas and theories about every historical event in world history.

Obviously, a lot of these videos will be on heavy subjects no matter how much time has past, but it's nevertheless still fascinating depending on what part of history you're interested in.

6. Screen Junkies

Ok so the channel is called Screen Junkies and it's good but you gotta watch Honest Trailers above all else. They are unbelievable!

7. Stark Raving Sports

Another great sports channel, Stark Raving Sports makes some funny videos deconstructing every sports situation and event of the month.

8. How It Should Have Ended

Similar to "Honest Trailers", "How It Should Have Ended" is a fantastically hilarious parody of every popular movie. This one, however, has great 3D animation!

9. Fivepoints Vids

(It obviously wasn't' his last video)

Similar to Stark Raving Sports and Urinating Tree, FivePoints Vids gives more great sports commentary along with some cool videos about rules and history behind teams and players.

10. Musical Hell

If you love musicals, then Musical Hell is one of the best out there in exploring it's score, lyrics, and story arcs.

11. SB Nation

SB Nation has some awesome videos that dive deep into the details of some of the most dramatic moments in sports history and also has a "Beef History" segment on random and odd beef between famous athletes.

12. Overly Sarcastic Productions

What I love about this channel is that it takes these old and ancient stories and summarize them in a way that makes total sense. This is the perfect channel to follow if you're an English Major.

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