You’re Here Now, November
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You’re Here Now, November

You’re Here Now, November
Mapuana Andrade Photo

I have the pictures on my wall, you know

the ones from that day on the beach

the sun had left tiny brown kisses on my skin

as if like they belonged there

there’s even that one where the salt water is dancing around my ankles,

begging me to stay within it’s reach

I think that’s my favorite

I just heard you walk in a little while ago

I felt you’re cool fingertips on the back of my neck, just five minutes ago

I can tell because my skin is covered in goosebumps

I know you’re finally here now, November

oh, how i’ll miss cold lemonade in the summer

but I think I love dark brewed coffee with hazelnut cream a little more

it goes well with those promises we make to each other around this time every year

the ones that wrap us in and hold us as warmly as a fall fire


Dance in the leaves that are falling from the trees, they’ve missed you” you’d whisper

how I want to run outside everytime

that’s how you make me feel

like the end of anything can be a beautiful promise


that we’ll be young

that we’ll love so hard that fall will shed from our eyes

that our colors will be vibrant and our skin tainted

that we’ll need to wrap ourselves up, quickly, in order to contain the heat of our passion

isn't that what you’re writing with your breath on my lips, right now?

I can feel you, inches from me

and I know you’re only temporary

you’ve barely just laid on my bed, but you’re the most beautiful promise of an end

but for now i’ll make you coffee and get lost in your falling eyes

I know one thing is for certain

you’re here for now

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