You're Crazy

"You're crazy"

He says as you accuse him of cheating.

He claims you have no idea what you're talking about,

He makes you feel bad about it even though you have a gut feeling

So you move on.

You must be crazy.

"You're crazy"

Your friends say as you explain your feelings.

They tell you people have it worse,

They remind you of all the bad going on in the world.

You're upset, you're stressed, you're confused,

But they make you feel bad about it.

So you push the feelings deeper,

You must be crazy.

"You're crazy"

The internet says,

Memes and gifs with hundreds and thousands of retweets and shares,

Showing females doing things that classify them as crazy.

Women asking men too many questions about their relationship,

Women doubting if their significant others still like them,

Women wanting to spend too much time with their boyfriends.

So you feel as if those things are wrong and if you do them, then

You must be crazy.

Are you really crazy though?

Because the guy you thought was cheating actually was,

You caught him with her while you were just out shopping.

And the friends that called you crazy now have the same problems,

And want someone to talk to without judgment.

Now you're scared to have real conversations and spend a lot of time

With your new boyfriend because of the internet,

But now he feels neglected.

You aren't crazy.

Stop letting the world judge you,

And scare you into someone you aren't.

Trust your gut,

Talk about your feelings,

Ask your questions and seek some reassurance,

Because you aren't crazy.

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