Your Ultimate Writing Playlist
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Your Ultimate Writing Playlist

The perfect playlist to help any writer/non-writer write the perfect piece.

Your Ultimate Writing Playlist

Writing can be a drag to some. But to others, it could be an escape. Whether you enjoy writing, music can help your creativity flow and help you get into focus. As a writer myself, a good playlist of chill tunes helps me write best (for academic and leisure purposes). And chances are you're going to need a good playlist with finals around the corner. Peep the list below for the perfect writing playlist!

1. Paris- April

2. Taking Over- Joe Goddard

3. Fast Lane- Rationale

4. Don't Wanna Fight- Alabama Shakes

5. Wildlife- Rye

6. Never Be the Same- Surf Rock Is Dead

7. Sunset Lover- Petit Biscuit

8. Renaissance- Home

9. Praia- No Tv No Radio

10. All We Need (Troy Samuela Remix)- ODESZA, Shy Girls

11. Odessa- Caribou

12. Why iii Love The Moon- Phony Ppl

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