Many people are blessed with awesome coworkers, but some people aren't so lucky. Even if you love the people you work with, chances are they do things that grind your gears more than you'd care to admit. With all of the clashing personalities that come together in your office space, is it any wonder you want a drink after you get home from work?

1. They come in late every day, yet never get in trouble for it.

But God forbid traffic makes you five minutes late twice a year - you will NEVER hear the end of it.

2. They heat up stinky food and it lingers in the air all day long.

I know last night's shrimp scampi was SUPER delicious yesterday, but reheating garlic-laden seafood is, like, the biggest no-no in the history of work etiquette ever.

3. They talk really loudly on the phone, whether it's a business or personal call.

And then they laugh. And laugh. And laugh. Nothing's that funny!

4. They don't say "bless you" when you sneeze, or "thank you" when you say it to them.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, it's just common courtesy to acknowledge someone sneezing in the office. And it's common respect to say thanks when they acknowledge yours.

5. They don't say hello to you in the morning.

Well fuck me, right?

6. They leave the kitchen counter a mess.

You're not at home. I'm not your mom. Did you spill the thing? Your lunch left crumbs? Wipe it up with a paper towel like an adult.

7. They keep their rotting food in the fridge.

Either you have the weakest sense of smell EVER, or you really don't give a fuck that the fridge smells like week-old egg salad and rotting meat.

8. They leave the toilet seat up.

Dudes, this one's ALL on you. ~quit being selfish~

9. They don't replace the toilet paper roll when it's finished.

It is literally in a cabinet. In the bathroom. Where you're sitting. Staring at the cabinet. Using the bathroom. Argh!

10. They leave the front door unlocked when they close the office for the night.

Now, I'm not saying a murderer is going to camp out in our office and kill me when I open up tomorrow morning, but I'm also not *not* saying that.

11. They take extended lunch or coffee breaks while leaving you to pick up the slack.

I'm pretty sure you don't get a breakfast break, a coffee break, a lunch break, and a snack break, but okay sure, see you in 20 minutes! Again.

12. They use your condiments without asking permission.

I get it, coffee tastes better with cream, but could you at least ask before using half of my bottle?

13. They don't contribute to company-wide potlucks or luncheons.

I know you make more money than me, but somehow you can't even afford to contribute a $5 box of cookies from Jewel? I see you can afford to eat the appetizers I made, though... *sips tea*

14. They never respond to emails even though you know they're on their computer screwing around.

The email tab is literally sitting open on the side of your screen. We get pop-up notifications that an email has come through. Just click respond, damn it!

15. They leave early to "work from home," but in reality you know they're done for the day.

Because so are you.