When I go to concerts, I prepare myself to be the best fan in the audience. For all the acts! I have allowed music to be the most important thing in my life and so a concert is a big deal for me. It's an experience to see new artists, learn what's going to be big and give artists an incredible night. The opener is a big part in that. They're meant to get us excited for the night and they want to have a good time too.

1. You paid for it.

This should be enough, but so many people buy a whole ticket and don't utilize all of it. No matter how much or how little you pay for a concert ticket, you're paying for all the acts, so get your money's worth!

2. They're people, too.

They deserve the undivided attention of a full crowd just as the main act would get. It isn't fair to not show up just because they aren't well-known yet. They should get back all the excitement.

They're probably really similar to the artist you paid to see!

The opener is meant to get the crowd excited for the main performance, so they're picked to be something close to what they know the audience will want to hear.

4. You could be missing out on a new favorite artist.

Lovianna Blackwell

Because they are picked based on your original interest, you can find your next favorite things by watching the opener.

5. They need the practice!


Openers are up and coming artists and their first or second concert runs are practice before they hopefully headline their own show. That's why they deserve the whole experience, rather than a half-empty room of people on their phones.

They could be the next big thing!


And you'll be the one who gets to say you've been with them since the very beginning of their career!

7. They were picked by the artist you like.

Most of the time, artists pick their opener. It's based on what they like and what their team thinks the audiences would like. Musicians typically have good taste, they did create the music you love, after all.

8. The artist you're there for was an opener once, too.

shawnmendes / Instagram

Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes were once openers for Taylor Swift, and Taylor Swift was an opener for practically every country artist that existed for two years before she ever headlined. Every artist had to start from somewhere!