Authors Who Will Dominate The Writing World
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5 Captivating YA Authors Who Are Set To Dominate The Shelves

These authors have what it takes to hit the top charts in the fiction world!

5 Captivating YA Authors Who Are Set To Dominate The Shelves

There are thousands of types of books in the world, each one with its own unique blend of characteristics and plot-building techniques. The broad genres I usually look for when I'm searching for a book are Adventure, Science Fiction or even just Fantasy. But every book has a different appeal to it, and we have to agree that some of them, such as The Harry Potter Series by J. K. Rowling or the Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan have an appeal that suits so many different types of people, to the point where almost everyone reads them.

Nowadays, there are several of these authors that have universally appealing books, and who knows? One of them might be the next writing superstar that everyone knows. Here's a quick peek at these emerging creators and what they write.

Claudia Gray

Claudia Gray is actually a pseudonym for the author Amy Vincent. She is best-known for her Firebird series, an intriguing tale taking readers across dimensions to stop a powerful organization that is even bigger than they thought. The main character, Marguerite Caine, must face this organization to stop them from hurting the people she loves. The specialty of the series is that it combines complex concepts from physics and mathematics seamlessly into something that any teen reader can understand. The fast-paced nature of the book has small conclusions at the end of each volume, but the bigger problem spans the entire trilogy, so you definitely won't let go of the series until the very last page.

Gray also has another series that is a work in progress, called the Constellation series. This is set in a futuristic galaxy where the planet Earth is dying and new planets have been colonized in an attempt to save its people. But each planet has its own nationality, and the people of the new planet, including the main character Noemi Vidal, realize that they have a right to stop Earth from taking their resources. Noemi has this one goal until on a fateful day, she runs into a mech (human-like robot) named Abel. At first, she believes that Abel is just a hunk of metal with no soul, but spending more and more time with him leads her to believe otherwise.

Roshani Chokshi

Roshani Chokshi is the author of several books, including The Star-Touched Queen, but her debut novel for middle-grade readers, Aru Shah and the End of Time, was what put her on the spotlight for many. The book is under Rick Riordan's new imprint, Rick Riordan Presents, with a goal to popularize underrepresented cultures throughout the world.

Aru Shah and the End of Time is a book that people of any age can enjoy, and is especially targeted towards Hindu mythology lovers. Aru Shah is the main protagonist, a sarcastic preteen who has no idea of what she is. When she discovers she is a child of the gods, she embarks on a dangerous quest with one of her soul sisters and a guide pigeon. Chokshi's tone is uniquely honest about Aru's feelings, a quality not many books possess.

Marie Lu

Many people already know about Marie Lu, the author of the Legend and the Young Elites series. But her next series encapsulates a newer genre, namely futuristic technology that is threatening the world. The new Warcross series is for fans of the book Ready Player One and its newly adapted film of the same name.

Warcross is a virtual world that can take you to a totally different place or just enhance the world around you with popups above everything. Emika Chen, the narrator, is a desperate teen who is about to become homeless. She is also an extremely talented hacker, worthy enough to get the attention of the creator of Warcross himself, Hideo Tanaka. When she discovers that the people who are close to her are in a bigger scheme than she realized, Emika is forced to choose between the two sides.

Leigh Bardugo

Most people know Leigh Bardugo for her Six of Crows duology, set in the Grishaverse, a world filled with magic and secrets. The stories of certain characters from the duology will continue in the a new installment, called the King of Scars, set to publish in January 2019.

Bardugo uses many different perspectives to better characterize all the people in her story, and this allows the reader to look into the inner thoughts and doubts of every character, including the people on the team everyone suspects the most. The stories are rich with feeling and emotion that gives the reader a better idea of everyone's relationship with one another.

Jennifer Donnelly

Although Jennifer Donnelly is not as well known as some of the other authors on this list, her books, such as the Waterfire Saga series, a middle-grade underwater mermaid civilization series and These Shallow Graves, a work of historical fiction, completely capture the reader with the clever and compelling writing style and plot-driven books. Her latest installment, which is actually a collaboration between seven different authors, is called Fatal Throne, and is narrated by King Henry VIII's wives.

Donnelly mainly works with historical fiction, as seen in most of her books, but when fantasy was brought into her work, it was the Waterfire Saga Series, launched by Disney. The story follows six mermaids who are the descendants of six powerful mages. They must work together to stop an ancient evil, with the entire world at stake.

Fiction is arguably more difficult to write than any other genre, yet these five authors have accomplished it with their diverse works. Fiction is just too diverse a world for there to be only one set way to write these books.

Some authors just have the charm that attracts pretty much anyone to their books.

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