20 Ways To Spice Up Your Life
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20 Ways To Spice Up Your Life

20 ideas that my friends had about spicing up your life!

20 Ways To Spice Up Your Life
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After feeling pretty bored recently, as I tend to at the start of new semesters, I found myself turning to my Snapchat friends to learn about the best ways to spice things up a little bit! Here's what they have to say.

1. "Do something outrageous you wouldn't normally do."

This could look like talking to someone unexpected, experimenting with new foods, or even joining a new club!

2. "Go on spontaneous adventures, big or small."

3. "Go somewhere you have never been!"

This could be a drive with no destination or walking to a new spot in town you haven't seen.

4. "Talk to a person for fun."

This ties into some of the other ideas here, but talking to someone you wouldn't normally just to get out of your comfort zone or freshen things up is a great way to spice things up, be bold, and get to know someone new!

5. "Piercings, go on a trip, treat yourself day, buying a new outfit"

Spicing up your life can totally look like treating yourself or finding something to do that makes you happy but you don't have tons of opportunities to do.

6. "Start a new hobby."

I love this idea; I have been meaning to learn how to embroider!

7. "Change your hair."

As someone who recently did this, it does certainly spice things up. 10/10 would recommend.

8. "Say random sh*t to people."

You have to be a certain type of bold for this one, but hey, if you're never going to see them again...

9. "Romanticize everything."

This might be my favorite one on the list. Main character energy always.

10. "Dance across the sidewalk."

11. "Listen to at least one new song every day."

12. "Instead of getting upset when bad things happen, just laugh. It really keeps people on their toes."

I have actually been laughing at the minor inconveniences I am coming across and it is making a huge difference in my mental health.

13. "Do one thing a day that scares you."

14. Go somewhere after midnight.

Please be safe

15. "Saying hi to any stranger you make eye contact with."

16. "Start lying to strangers."

This might not be the most morally sound advice, but it could be fun!

17. "Listen to 'Reputation' by Taylor Swift while you walk and you'll start strutting involuntarily."

18. "Buy a box of Capri Suns and relive your childhood."

19. "Buy a razor scooter."

20. Do something that makes you happy but that you don't let yourself do often!!

This is my own suggestion, but if you love Starbucks and only let yourself go on special occasions, make this a special occasion! Buy ice cream on a Wednesday. Life is short — stop waiting for happiness.

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