Let's Discuss The Show No One Can Stop Talking About: A Recap Of 'Stranger Things 3'
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Let's Discuss The Show No One Can Stop Talking About: A Recap Of 'Stranger Things 3'

*Spends 4th of July binging instead of celebrating*

Let's Discuss The Show No One Can Stop Talking About: A Recap Of 'Stranger Things 3'

The new season of "Stranger Things" is out! You best believe I binged that sucker the very same day it came out. If you've already watched it, you know it's a rollercoaster of emotions. The last episode had me in tears (no, literally). How could they do this to Billy and Chief Hopper? Oh, wait...

Anyway, to all my peeps who haven't finished the season yet, there are spoilers ahead, so you might want to read at your own risk.

The two types of 4th of July celebrations

I spent my July 4th binging the entire season while finishing up some homework for my online classes rather than celebrating with family and friends this year. I had more important things to do than celebrate (clearly)!

The Scoop Troop: Robin, Steve, Dustin, and Erica

The most iconic group to exist. I love these four together so, so much — it was what I needed all along. Erica's sassiness had me dying, especially when she was bargaining for free ice cream. And then, Robin and Steve's friendship is the cutest. The laughter this group brought helped balance out the sad parts of the season.

The previous king of Hawkins high

I just love that Steve Harrington was still best friends with all the kids and acted as their parent. His character growth from season one to now has been such a huge improvement — and I love it so much.

The award-winning performance by Dacre Montgomery

Okay, hear me out: Dacre Montgomery deserves an award and all the praise for his performance this season. He owned it and really got into the evil villain. He made viewers feel so many things. Hands-down the best performance I've seen. But my question is, especially for season four, what are they going to do with Max? Max lost the only family she had left. Literally, my heart breaks for her. She watched her brother give his life to save El and everyone else.

The favorite single dad

Oh, my word! My heart still hurts over this one. Hopper was truly my favorite character. For him to be just gone... wow! I'm still holding out hope that he may be the American in the Russian's cell. But, ugh, that scene when Joyce came out and made eye contact with El shattered my heart in little pieces. And, how could I forget? Hops is rocking that dad look, so you know I stan him harder.

The unconventional but adorable couple

SO STINKING CUTE AND FUN TOGETHER. And, that scene right before Joyce turns the keys, my heart started breaking (I hope you're keeping count of how many times my heart has been broken). The eye contact and the expressions on their faces. The last episode of season 8 was really trying to kill me, I swear!

The note that made me sob even harder

The note Hopper left for El... you know, the one he never read to her and Mike. Oh, god! I cried the hardest at that scene. That note was genuinely beautiful. El and Hopper had the cutest father-daughter relationship ever.

The young love we've all been rooting for since the start

Okay, okay. The cutest couple. Ever. Honestly, what else is there to say about this cute couple? I love how much Mike loves El. I mean, the boy didn't realize it at first until he was so fired up and blurted out that he loved her.

The girl gang we thought we never needed

The girl group we needed! I am so happy that Max and El became way closer, like, girls need girls to support each other and to lean on.

The timeless 80s fashion

ICONIC. Need I say more?

The dangerous but also very adorable Russian

Okay, even though Alexei worked for the Russians but more like forced into it, he was adorable. It was definitely one of the cutest moments when he became BFFs with Hopper's go-to, nut job of a friend Murray. Also, let's not forget about the adorable scene where he was just smiling while drinking his Slurpee in the car as Hopper stole it.

The sis that never quit and gave up on herself

I love that Nancy absolutely refused to stop pursuing her story. We stan a strongwilled gal, am I right or am I right? She knew something was wrong and there was more to the fertilizer and rats than what the news boy realized. I really love that the show included it. It sort of speaks volume to me — more than just a story or being right.

The long wait for the much anticipated season four

Of course, right after finishing the best seasons (so far), you got to ask, “Season 4, where you at?"

To all my Stranger Things buddies, let's hope season four isn't too much of a wait.

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