Writing for Odyssey is awesome -- getting to harness your creativity to write about things you feel strongly about is cool enough, but using this platform to reach your peers in meaningful ways is pretty much unparalleled. What you may or may not know is that each and every Odyssey article is a product of lots of brainstorming, web browsing, GIF hunting, writing and rewriting, not to mention copious amounts of tender love and care.

But let's focus on this idea that Odyssey writers produce content that they're passionate about. Some writers focus their content on politics. Others on race, gender relations, sports, and often many choose to write about Greek life. But I just want to produce content that makes people smile as they hit the share button to let their 839 closest friends know they enjoyed a piece on the hot doctors on "Grey's Anatomy."

And that brings us here: What it's really like to write an Odyssey article. As told by Kanye West tweets, of course. Because, duh.

Choosing a killer topic for the week:

Writing your first few sentences:

So far, so good! You're on a roll and nothing can stop you.

But then, you hit a wall:

Inspiration strikes again! Your writer's block is over and you're back on track:

Only to get distracted a few minutes later:

Momentary panic that you'll miss your deadline:

Even if it's days away.

You finish up and read everything over, only to realize you totally digressed and nothing actually makes sense:

Going back in and fixing everything:

Finding the perfect gifs and pictures to accompany your piece:

You're satisfied, so you send it off to your editors so they can make sure everything's absolutely perfect:

And finally, your piece is published and you get to share it:

Boom. Drop mic.