Writing Changed My Life For The Better

It’s been nearly a year since I first sat down and decided to share my voice with the world. It was a Wednesday night, and I was finishing up my Psychology reflection paper at Caribou before heading off to volunteer at the church. It was one of those moments that changes your life. An idea hits you, and you just have to go with it.

My whole life, I’ve always loved writing, and I’ve always been good at it. Although I hate English classes, it’s always come naturally to me. The words just flow, and they just work their own magic. I’ve always been complimented on my writing from teachers and parents, but I never realized how much my writing was loved.

Even more than that, before that Wednesday night, I didn’t realize how big of an outlet writing could be. I’ve loved writing forever and always found joy in it; but, I didn’t realize the impact my words could have once I put them out for the world to see. Once I realized that writing doesn’t just have to be for research papers or newspapers, I began to see the real joy in writing.

I’ve found relief in my new outlet and power in voice. I’ve found my purpose in life and the difference I will make in this world. I’ve found that my story is important, that my hardships help others, and that struggles and triumphs are testimonies that anyone can make it through this crazy thing called life.

Most importantly, I’ve found myself.

So when I think back to a year ago and all that’s changed since I started my blog, I see a difference in myself that wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t take a leap of faith. I knew that I would never be the best writer, I knew that I would never be widely known, but I knew what I wanted to do: write. I took that leap of faith, and I reopened my scars for the world to see. I told my story, and I told it how it is.

It’s sometimes scary knowing that I’m being so vulnerable with my story and that my story can be taken and twisted into any way the reader decides. But that doesn’t stop me from sharing it. Although I will never be able to stand in front of a crowd and tell my story, I do have a voice through writing.

And with that, it’s clear to see that writing has changed my life and that my voice has a purpose. I will be forever grateful for my leap of faith and my stories to share with the world.

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