The 15 Stages Of Writer's Block, A Story Told In Gifs
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Student Life

The 15 Stages Of Writer's Block, A Story Told In Gifs

Taking the ineffable struggles of meeting an essay's deadline and portrayed it via moving photos.

The 15 Stages Of Writer's Block, A Story Told In Gifs

We've all had those days where our philosophy, English, or research paper just won't come to us. Maybe the prompt just doesn't speak to you, maybe you have a lot on your mind, or maybe (like me) you have zero motivation because the semester is almost over and all you can think about is being home with your cats and dog... oh, and your human family. Regardless of the reason, writer's block hits us all at the most inconvenient times. And it goes something like this:

1. Sitting Down to Write

This is the beginning of it all. Oh how naive, sitting down, ready to go, thinking this will be easy. Starting at the top makes the fall so much worse.

2. Reading the Prompt

The hope is still there, the prompt may even seem a little intriguing. Perhaps some ideas pop into your head, but nothing concrete yet. That's okay, we have time.

3. Making the Header

You are on FIRE at this point. You've got that MLA header down to a tee: name, professor's name, class, and due date. You feel ready and confident to start the real work.

4. Starting to Write

Here it is: the beginning of the descent. This is the moment that, besides the header, you realize you have nothing to say. That's okay, just take a lap, grab a snack, and come back.

5. The Comeback

You've gotten yourself a drink, you're feeling good. You've convinced yourself that you just needed to get the creative juices flowing, and it's time to get back to it.

6. The Realization

It's here: the epiphany that you didn't ask for. It isn't a lack of creative juices, it is you having zero things to write about. So, close your laptop, grab your phone, and switch from the same three apps over and over again, refreshing the page knowing very well that nothing new has been posted.

7. Insanity Ensues

Okay, it's been a long while of you procrastinating on Instagram and Twitter, time to get back to work. When you re-open that word document and it is still blank (the computer didn't write it for you--rude!) with the late night hours creeping into the early morning, you panic.

8. New Plan

The thought that is always in the back of your head moves into the spotlight: what if I dropped out of school and became a stripper? How much money could I make? I could do it, right?

9. Nope

You come to the realization that you cannot, in fact, drop out and become a stripper. You can do it! You sit down and type some mumbo-jumbo hoping to be hit by inspiration WHEN...

10. Sike!

If only it were that easy! There's nothing out there, no one can hear your cries. This essay is never getting done, you thought you had an idea, and it's gone.

11. Rally Time

You've wasted too much time. It's 2:00 AM and the essay is due in your 8:00 AM class. Six hours and you have to hand your professor something. You must prevail, no matter how painful. Desperate times call for desperate measures: you have to bullshishi it.

12. Cranking it Out and Getting Her Done

No time to waste, you pull something out of nowhere. Is it good? Probably not. Will you make the word count? Possibly. Do you care? No. You've got to get this paper done. Hyper-speed mode has been activated.

13. Reading it Over

Haha gotcha! It is 3:45 in the morning, I am finished with this paper and never looking at it again. I killed it, there's no way there are any type-os.

14. Submitting

At this point, you are delirious. You have somehow convinced yourself that this is the best thing since sliced bread, and hit submit feeling like a queen.

15. Showing your professor

Okay, so this isn't a gif, but too accurate not to use. You walk into class on your solid four hours of sleep, knowing that your essay is complete nonsense, but oddly proud all the same. You promise you won't procrastinate like this ever again, but who knows when writer's block will hit again?

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