The Best Workout Class For Your Enneagram Number
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The Workout Class You Should Make Your Habit In 2020, Based On Your Enneagram Number

Yes, the Enneagram can even help you pick your new favorite workout.

The Workout Class You Should Make Your Habit In 2020, Based On Your Enneagram Number

The enneagram is one of the most accurate personality tests in the world, and needless to say, I am obsessed with it. I can tell you the enneagram types of each Disney princess and the Disney movie you should watch. I can discuss college majors that go with each of the nine personality types, and I'd love to recommend an ideal date, too.

Does that make me an expert? FAR from it.

All my enneagram discussions are purely for enjoyment, and just maybe, you'll have a recommendation that matches your personality type perfectly! It's important to note, though, that every single person is individual and unique, and we all have multiple types in us that create that individuality between types. And that's the amazing thing about the enneagram — your primary type is scarily accurate, but some of the traits of other types may closely apply to you, too — especially if you have a wing!

I'll just get into workouts because when's a better time to turn over a new leaf and get on that fitness grind than the turn of a new season? Now all you have to do is find out your enneagram type and try out one of these nine fun workouts so you can end 2020 STRONG!

Type 1 — Barre

Barre would be an ideal workout for a Type 1 because of the perfectionism running through a Type 1's veins. Barre workouts require a lot of focus and meticulousness to do right, and Type 1s are the perfect people to take on this challenge. They'll push themselves to follow the rules of the movements and follow them the right way to get in the best workout possible.

Type 2 — Rope Course

Rope courses are the new, trending team workout for coworkers and friends alike, and Type 2s would love the opportunity to participate in one of these classes with their friends, family, or coworkers. For Type 2s, it's the camaraderie of this workout class that would really make them feel good afterward. People will need encouragement to continue on, a helping hand to make it across that dreadful horizontal rope, and someone to cheer them on throughout the workout. Needless to say, Type 2s will be excited to provide all of that to their fellow classmates while conquering the challenges of the rope course.

Type 3 — Cycling

I'm pretty sure cycling classes were designed for Type 3s. They are high energy and extremely competitive. And the best part is, while you can have some friendly competition with the people around you, you're really competing with yourself! Type 3s can channel their ambition into this workout and reign in the feeling of accomplishment afterward!

Type 4 — Goat Yoga

Goat yoga is a new, and incredibly unique, type of workout class that millennials and Gen Z are ALL about, and it is perfect for Type 4s. Type 4s embrace their individuality and like unique and original past times, so they're sure to have a great time at goat yoga. Plus, yoga is a great way to calm the soul and make peace with the overwhelming emotions and thoughts that usually inhabit a Type 4's mind. And since goat yoga classes take place outside, Type 4s get to relish in the natural beauty they so admire.

Type 5 — Running

You can definitely join a local running club in the area, but a Type 5 would probably prefer to workout alone anyway. Running is a great workout option for Type 5s because they're able to observe and investigate the world around them as they blaze down trails and sidewalks. Running is also a great outlet for thoughts. Since Type 5s love to observe and analyze, running is a great way for them to process everything they are absorbing throughout the day.

Type 6 — Personal Training

Personal training is ideal for a Type 6 because it's something they can be loyal to and commit to. They will have set days and times to meet with their trainer, and they'll appreciate the one on one support they'll get from their trainer and the relationship they will form with them. It's also a workout that will make them feel safe — they trust that the trainer knows what they're doing and is experienced enough not to put them in harm's way at all.

Type 7 — Hiking

An adventure AND a workout in one? Sign every Type 7 up for a local hiking group/club! Type 7s would no doubt love the adventure of going on hikes — finding new trails and new destinations will be a new experience each week. Best of all, going with a hiking club ensures there's time for endless hours of socialization and laughs!

Type 8 — Cardio Kickboxing

Kickboxing classes are sweaty and challenging, but Type 8s would have a great time taking on this challenge! Type 8s are strong and powerful, and a kickboxing class would help them to hone in on those traits. It would also be a great outlet for them to let out all of their passionate and strong emotions and just feel free and in control of themselves.

Type 9 — Slow Flow Yoga

A slow flow yoga class would be great for a Type 9. Type 9s could focus on harnessing peace within themselves and in the atmosphere around them, which goes perfectly with their natural essence. Not to mention, yoga is a great workout, and if you want to spice it up, maybe try hot yoga!

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