Take A Break From Workaholism

It's Time For You To Stop Being Proud Of 'Workaholism' And Learn How To Take A Break For Once

All work and no play makes a man (or woman) very stressed and depressed indeed.


Almost every person over the age of 18 knows, and maybe even lives through, the struggle of "workaholism." The term was created in the 1970s to describe people who feel pressured to always be working, always think about working and go out of their way to do more work than necessary. It's an addiction to work, and it's slowly killing our generation.

Millennials are often criticized for being lazy because "life is only as hard as you make it." However, what these people don't realize is that they have inadvertently created a culture of overworking. Companies value employees that put in more hours for the same task; in turn, these employees work even more to hold onto that feeling of success. They lose their enjoyment of life and only focus on the work that needs to be done. They burn out. This can lead to conditions like performance anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and loss of sleep as they put their lives on the line for one result.

The scariest thing is that this training for a life of work starts in childhood. We're told our whole lives that if we want to have a fulfilling life with a great career, we need to work hard. We are pushed to do well in school, to put it over our mental health and not risk it for anything. We are told that we have to go to college and pursue every internship and job offer just so we have a chance in the real world. Those people, usually our parents, mean well, but they don't see how workaholism has affected us as a society.

As a college student, I understand firsthand the problems with workaholism. I've seen many friends pull all-nighters for days in a row just to finish their work or attempt to do some extra studying. Then, they go to class, go to their job, go to a lab, and their time for homework is completely used up. The cycle repeats itself. In some ways, I think this is partly due to imposter syndrome. Many students, myself included, feel like they can't compare to their peers, and that they must work harder to be doing enough.

Truth be told, I don't know how or if this culture can be changed. But awareness is the first step. It's not going to kill you to take a break every once in a while, but working for 24 hours straight might. Do something different for a change. Go see a thrilling movie or a heartwarming book. Value your own health and listen to your body. There's nothing wrong with wanting to do a good job or studying hard to get a good grade, but there are limits to everything.

Workaholism is an epidemic that can't just be tackled by self-care tactics. It speaks to the systems we've put into place which give employers too much power over their employees' lives, or how every step of your life is determined by how well you perform on a test. So while there isn't much we can do to combat that right now, just know that you don't have to overexert yourself every second of the day.

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11 Things You'd Only Understand If You're Spending Your Summer Making Money

"I can't, I have work."

There are two types of people in this world, those who will actually get to enjoy their summer, and those who will be trapped in the four walls of whatever place is giving them a paycheck.

If you relate more closely with the latter, here's some things you've definitely caught yourself doing/saying

1. "I can't, I have work."

This is your famous line until everyone gets tired of inviting you places because they already know what you're going to say

2. And if you're not at work you're either too tired to do anything after work

. . . or going to bed early to prepare for tomorrows shift

3. Having major FOMO when you're at work

Those beach Instagram posts get you every time, it's starting to feel like a personal attack

4. Somehow having off the only day there's nothing going on

why is it that on the rare chance you have off no one's around

5. Or if you have off you have a million errands

sometimes even days off aren't really days off

6. Wishing you actually had to work on days off

because you'd rather be making money than sitting around staring at the ceiling

7. You want to go shopping with all the money your making but all you wear is work clothes

(and pajamas) so what's the point!!!!

8. You don't get excited about Fridays

whats it matter! it's not a weekend if you're working!

9. You don't get the true joy of summer either

no tan for you, no beach trips for you, and absolutely no frozen margaritas for you!!

10. You feel like your bank account should have a much larger number than it does

It doesn't make sense that all you do is work but for some reason you're still not nearly as rich as you feel you should be

11. You run on coffee

But then again, maybe all that money is being spent on the coffee you need to survive each work day.....

Cover Image Credit: casinopier_bwb//Instagram

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4 Things You Should Know About Your Local Waitress BEFORE Going Out To Eat

Did you know that we only make $2.13 an hour?


For the past two years, I've been a waitress at a couple different restaurants. Many times, I have given customers fantastic service, and they have given me a tip of $2 – $3 despite a $50 check, and some haven't given me a tip at all. Here's what I want you to know about your local waitress who sometimes doesn't get a tip.

1. We only make $2.13 an hour.

Yes. $2.13 an hour without tips. So we could work an eight-hour shift and only make $17.04 if we aren't tipped within that shift. Just think about this for a second. We make our living off of tips.

2. We have about a million things going on in our head.

Your waitress forgot to bring you a to-go box? Just ask again. She'll remember that she forgot and she'll apologize and feel bad about it while hoping her tip isn't affected, because it got pushed to the back of her mind when she went to ring in an order where someone ordered a burger with no onion and no pickle, but extra tomato and extra lettuce with ketchup and mustard on the side — Oh! and don't forget they want it cut in half because they're splitting it with their friend. And since they're splitting it, that means they need an extra plate.

3. If you're not ready to order when I ask you, please just tell me.

On a busy night when I have four tables at the same time, I have about 20-30 people to attend to other than you. If I have to wait for you to order, I'm standing at your table while table one has a check that's ready, table two needs a refill on coke, and table three's food is in the window. Please be ready when I ask, and if you're not, I have no problem giving you more time. I love serving people and I'm probably excited to serve you! You are welcome to ask me questions, but please make a timely decision.

4. We work hard up front, but even harder behind the scenes sometimes.

I may look calm and collected in the dining room, but I can assure you that I am not as calm and collected behind the scenes. Your drink may be empty, but someone else left the tea pitcher empty and now I have to refill that before going back onto the floor. Your check is ready, but I have to submit an order or else a party will not get their food. The ice bin is out of ice! I have to refill that and go to the back cooler to get more ranch dressing because that's empty too. So please be patient with your waiter! They have more going on than you can imagine.

After we close, we then have to clean the entire restaurant from the dining room to the bathrooms and everything in between. Salt and pepper are refilled, floors are mopped, and silverware is rolled, this can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half depending on how busy we were that day.

These are just several things that your waiter wants you to know when you go out to eat. So when you call me over while I'm walking through the dining room, it really threw me off and possibly made me forget about something else I had to do. Let me assure you that nine times out of 10 your table is not the only one I am serving in the restaurant, so my undivided attention can't always go to you.

I truly try to give you my best service with a smile, because I genuinely love my job, but there are days when things are going on behind the scenes and I can't help that your baked potato with no sour cream came out with sour cream on it, but I'd be happy to take it back to the kitchen and have it fixed for you. I really do love serving our guests, and I try my hardest to be the best server in the building, but I would love if you would be a great guest as well. Respect me and the work that I'm doing. Sometimes it can be hard.

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