By now, I'm sure everyone's heard about the Starbucks scandal in Philadelphia regarding the two teens who were denied the bathroom by the store's manager. The incident led to Starbucks closing down 8,000 stores across the nation for anti-bias training, effective May 29th of this year.

About a month after the Starbucks incident, a Canadian woman entered a Tim Horton's restaurant and asked to use the bathroom. When denied to by an employee, the woman became irate. In the video linked below, the woman is seen yelling at the employee, while grabbing tissues from the counter. She then proceeds to pull down her pants and poop on the store's floor. If that isn't bad enough, when she finishes relieving herself, she picks up her poop and throws it at the cashier! With the tissues she so angrily took from the counter, she wipes herself and flees from the store.

According to the store's spokeswoman, Bianca Pettinaro, "the employee used his discretion and denied access to the woman 'based on past behavior.'"

The unnamed woman was arrested by Royal Canadian Mounted Police but was released the same day. She is due to "...appear in court at a later date" according to RCMP's spokeswoman, Holly Largy.