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An original poem personifying the chaos of today on the 'self.' Stay strong and continue to dream.


Hey readers. I wanted to write a piece personifying the confusion within self during our current times. I've mentioned this before, but it is an odd era and grows odder even still. I wanted to provide encouragement to grow and look within in order to maintain strength. This piece isn't aimed at anything in particular, but rather to illustrate how chaotic the world is right now. There are new things we all still learn each day, and I hope you can create your dreams of today and tomorrow. May all of the strength and peace find you in this crazy world. Always remember to take time for yourself when needed. Much love.

These times seem to gel together

Like a puzzle with infinite pieces

What keeps me from the blurring lines

Of reality and illusion is

My belief of the earth's solid hold

Standing firmly there, I remember

I have things that I've hoped for

To look forward to

The sun and moon watch the madness

They sense the anguish and confusion

Even the grass and ocean feel

The unease and conflicting shift

What exactly is right to cling to?

Where is the safe guidance in this current state?

As futile as this sounds, creating a safe haven

Within yourself makes the difference

Making the dreams you've been afraid to believe in

Can be the focus and guiding light in this weird era

Of uncertainty and ambiguity of humankind's mindset

Sometimes, I fall asleep and wonder if what I'm doing

Is all for naught or will there be someone who feels the same?

The nights seem to seep into the daytime and yesterday's worries

Linger too long into today

The only thing I can do is pray, dream, and manifest the

Willpower to move into a direction that feels right to my intuition

I can only grow from within and gain a conscience effort and awareness

In a world that gets even stranger minute by minute, hour by hour

And maintain who I am

Hold steadfast to the person before me

Understand and learn as time stretches

For no one knows everything not even once

May the willpower to grow myself

Stand the test of these weird times

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